Monday 30 January 2017

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week {30.01.17}

I'm going though the really strange, weird post university stage where reality kicks in hard and job hunting, earning money and getting on the career ladder looms. It's scary and difficult, yet exciting and inspiring at times too. I've struggled with it and I am still struggling with it, I'll share my experiences once I've got myself more on track because right now the world is my oyster but I have no idea where to start! So to counter balance the struggles, I thought I'd jot down a little list of things that have made me happy recently. 
Photobooth with Henry

1. Last Sunday. It was spent wrapped up in the winter sunshine with Henry. We wandered around Spitalfields, pulled silly faces in photobooths, scoffed coffee and doughnuts (nutella for me, icing for Hen) and watched the sunset on London Bridge. PERFECT day. 
2. Daffodils. They're inexpensive, so they're the perfect way to brighten up a room without breaking the bank. Bright, fresh and a sign that Spring is coming.
3. Winter sunsets. Completely blinding when driving... but insanely beautiful.
4. The roast I demolished this Sunday afternoon at the Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill... literally the most incredible roast I've ever had. 
5. Women's March. Never has the saying 'You Go Girl' been so relevant. Empowering to say the least.
6. Saturday nights house party. Drinks and dancing with the best people. 
7. Crystals. I used to collect them when I was younger, every holiday to the coast I'd find a shop I could pick up a few shiny stones, bright crystals and pretty fossils. I found them the other day and have started to scatter them around my room, they are just beautiful and I want them to be on every surface (a bit much? probably ha!).
8. Reading before bed. Really trying to help my brain switch off a little more. 
9. Catching up on some Michalak vlogs. I need to make time to watch them more often, they're some of my favourites and I feel so inspired after just a few minutes. Plus, Stef is hilarious, Hannah is lovely and Grayson is very cute!
10. Seeing a friend and her gorgeous newborn girl last week. So much happiness and love.


What's made you happy recently? 


Friday 27 January 2017


I picked up this leather look skirt from H&M about three years ago, I wore it a few times and then it sat gathering dust in my wardrobe, with me rarely feeling like I was confident enough to pull it off. 

With the pinch of the purse strings in January, I haven't really had the funds to update my wardrobe with new pieces so I've tried to re-work some of the items that have gone a little unnoticed, but I've not got rid of just incase I want to wear them 'one day' (I'm sure we've all done that one). Starting with this skirt. 

I spent last sunny Sunday wandering around Spitalfields market, all wrapped warm with this outfit under my coat and oversized scarf. Despite it being a rather casual day, I felt like I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and pair the skirt with something I wouldn't usually think to wear it with. 

I went for this black and white 60's style jumper, black boots with a rose gold heel and silver hoop earrings, I felt cool, sophisticated without feeling over-dressed. I'd recently picked up the jumper, a steal at £10 from Primark, thick black and white stripes, wide sleeves and a high neck, it just felt like the perfect casual jumper to pair the skirt with.

I feel so happy I decided to bite the bullet and wear this skirt, it's making its way to be a firm favourite in my wardrobe and I'm thinking of so many different ways I can style it, to dress it up or down. It's definitely made me think about ways I can style up the items that are longing for a bit of loving in my wardrobe! 

- what I'm wearing -

B&W Jumper - Primark
Black Boots - Primark

Have you got items you could save from the depths of your wardrobe?!


Thursday 26 January 2017

Evening Skincare Routine

I've never uploaded a Skincare routine before and now I feel I've got my skincare just right (for now!) I thought it was about time I shared the products I love and would recommend to anyone!

I've really tried to start taking better care of my skin, it is very dry.  No make up, no matter how expensive, will look good if the skin you're applying on to isn't at its best. These steps aren't ones I necessarily do everyday, but when I feel like it's time for a bit of TLC.



Monday 23 January 2017

4 Tips on Starting a Blog

There are definitely a few things I wish I had know before I started my blog - a few truths about the reality of blogging. There are so many positives and upsides and if you find a passion for it then these things are just part of the package! These are in no way rules or anything set in stone, just something I have learnt from experience and wanted to share.
Blogging Tips Flatlay
Make Time - it takes a lot of effort.
Although blogging has lots of lovely benefits, it isn't all swish parties, polished photographs and flat-lays. It's a very time consuming hobby, which is absolutely fine if you love it and are happy to put the time in! Snapping, filming, editing, planning, writing, publishing, posting and sharing content takes a lot of time, so I think it's a good thing to know that before you start - not to put anyone off, just as a little friendly note as I didn't quite realise when I started (luckily I'm now happy to put the time in!)

Things won't happen straight away.
I have been blogging for over three years now and I am a prime example that growth. takes. time. I don't blog for the numbers, they are simply a lovely bonus, but the feeling of your blog, channels and social media growing is great - it means people are interested in what you have to say and have to share with them. 

Be creative, be influenced by others, but be you.
A little cliche sounding I know, but it is so important to stay true to yourself on your blog. It is usually plain to see when someone is pretending to be someone they're not or pretending to like things they don't like just because they think it'll go down better with readers. With the 'blog-market' being so saturated now, your unique selling point is... YOU! Be influenced by other bloggers, let their ideas inspire your ideas, but make sure your ideas are your own. 

Schedule & Plan - it will help!
Content planning will make your life so much easier! Plan what you are going to post and when you are going to post, so you've got an idea of what is coming up. If you plan a month or so ahead you can be prepared for any specific content that might need to go up at a certain time of year - I always find days like Valentines Day or Bank Holiday Weekends spring up on me and had I realised I would have planned some content around it.'Schemes, Dreams and Ideas' Notebook
Most importantly, make sure you enjoy it - it's fun, creative and exciting!

Are you starting a blog soon? Or do you have any tips you can share too? Let me know in the comments! 

Wednesday 18 January 2017

January Primark Haul 2017

A little round up of the bits and pieces I've picked up in Primark recently (including a few christmas gifts!) Clothing and some beautiful homeware pieces!

Primark Haul Thumbnail

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Wednesday 11 January 2017

2016 Lifestyle Favourites

A round up of the thing I loved throughout last year. I'm talking beauty, skincare, style, tv, music and much more! 
2016 Faves Flatlay

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Monday 9 January 2017

The January 'To-Do' List

It is all very well me setting these New Years Resolutions, but I feel like this year it is important to focus on monthly goals to help me achieve them rather than focusing on the year as a whole. I think it's nice to have a few smaller, less pressing goals that you just want to do, well, because you can! 

I also want to tell you about this steal of a Jumper that I'm slightly OBSESSED with. I had a bit of a 'new year, new improved me' moment when I bought it so clearly, it deserves a blog post. 

- J A N U A R Y -
 T O - D O  L I S T 

- read one book
- start weekly vlogs back up
- peel, chop, slice, dice and freeze fruit ready for morning smoothies
- start meditation, stick to it
- be better at posting about new posts/videos on twitter, facebook, pinterest & instagram.
- find and start my first 30 Day Challenge
- make a good start on the whole 'stop snoozing' my alarm thing...
- clear out my Spotify playlists. It goes back to 2011. Eek.

Now for the jumper. This pale grey and bright yellow bad boy was a steal at just £12 from Primark.

My best friend Charlie and I spotted it at the same time, tried it on and both loved it back in December, so it was purchased there and then. But I knew I wouldn't wear it until the New Year. I'm not entirely sure why, I think the bright yellow just made me feel like it'd be the perfect 'fresh' colour to wear in the New Year and it would make me feel all peppy and productive whenever I put it on. A little odd, but I just went with it, a boost in productivity is always welcome no matter how it comes about. 

The jumper is so lovely and chunky that it feels luxurious and expensive, without the purse actually being hurt in the process. It's also super warm too, which is a huge bonus in chilly January. I'm also thinking it'll look nice in the Spring when you don't need a big coat, but still want to keep warm if the sun goes in!  

Have you set any smaller goals for January?


Wednesday 4 January 2017

What Will You Make of 2017?

If you're looking for a bit of 2017 inspiration, this might be just what you need.

This time last year, my brother embarked on a creative journey, a project he called 12x16.

Sam picked a new creative project for each month of 2016. He researched, explored and got completely stuck in to trying new things and meeting new people until he wrapped his month with a final activity.
Sam 12x16 Collage
2 0 1 6   s a w   h i m   :: 
folding origami
flying in gliders
drawing self portraits
fasting for a day
swimming in open lakes
finding colour in a grey London
showing solidarity with our EU neighbours
animating with clay
creating a huge origami installation
learning how to use film cameras
writing songs
and now, telling his story.

This and so much more was what my brothers year consisted of because he chose to reclaim his creativity, leave his comfort zone and he started actually DOING. I think we're all culprits of saying, but not doing at times. I definitely am and I'm inspired to stop watching other people and to get out there and do it myself.

Here's his story. It's just a short video. Already over 10k views in just over a day on Facebook, so be a part of the fun - comment, like & share! 

Join in and do your own version of #12x17 this year!

Get in touch with Sam and keep up with what he's up to next here:



Sam Furness

Sam Furness

12x16 - Tumblr


Get out there and GET INSPIRED in 2017! xx

Monday 2 January 2017

Hello 2017!

I bloody love a new year. I love that feeling of wiping the slate clean and starting fresh. After Christmas, where you've eaten yourself silly, you're running on prosecco and you've got shiny new presents all ready to be played with, January comes as a refreshing start.

This year, I really feel like this is first time I've felt I truly need this new year to come around. You never need an excuse to set resolutions, targets and goals but a New Year feels like the right time to make ones you really do mean. I've felt a bit lost since I finished university, anyone in the same boat I'm sure will tell you it's a difficult time with so many options to explore, whilst at the same time what feels like a lot of limitations. The world is your oyster but you also have to make life decisions, it's just a tricky time. 

It's pretty awful that I can't actually remember all of last years resolutions. This year I'll be typing them up and putting them on my wall above my desk. There's no forgetting them if they're staring me in the face each day!

Stop Watching, Start Doing

I want to stop watching other people having amazing experiences, going on adventures, taking care of themselves and stepping out of their comfort zones and start doing it myself. Comfort zones are there to be left, what is the fun in staying within the boundaries of them? I want to experience more in 2017 - I want to travel and go on adventures, I want to learn new things, I want to feel better about myself, I want to eat better and work out more often, I want to meet new inspiring people, I want to push myself.

My brother did a crazy project titled 12x16 last year. He took on a new creative project every month of the year and as a result had the most challenging, yet inspiring and incredible year of his life. I'll be sharing his video on my social media platforms and you can check it out here. It is honestly the most inspiring video if you're feeling like you want to beat the boundaries of your comfort zone this year.


This is just a fun one. It's something I have always wanted to do. I've seen so many people take it up recently and I'd love to be able to just whip out some calligraphy skills whenever I needed too. Henry got me the book 'Nib & Ink' for my birthday and I'm hoping to do a couple of lessons too.

30 Day Challenge

In the interest of just wanting to do more this year I thought I'd pick a few 30 Day Challenges to do throughout 2017. I'll start with the 30 Day Squats Challenge, because the booty ain't too pleased with the Christmas Quality Streets consumed...! But there are some amazing ones around minimalism, photography, social media detox, exercise, meditation and health that I want to try.

Worry Less

I've realised I spend a lot of time worrying about things I have absolutely no control over. I overthink, I stress and I feel the physical weight of worry on my shoulders and I recently realised that's actually not something I have to live with and I can change it. 2017 is the year I kick this worrying out of my life and embrace a more positive mindset.

Jobs, Vlogs & Blogs

This year I will be job hunting and saying yes to all the experiences I can to try and find the right job for me. I will, of course be continuing with my blog and YouTube channel and publishing the highest quality content I can, as often as I can. I will also continue as a photographer for bands/bloggers and videographer for weddings, which are all things I picked up as freelance jobs in 2016 and absolutely loved. This year I will be proactive, opportunities don't just fall into your lap and I'm feeling determined to go out there and find them.

So those are my resolutions. I'm hoping the review them in a few months tweak any that after a bit of discovery need to be little more specific or to help them become a little more achievable. It's hard to say all you want to achieve in a few statements so it's good to look back on them every now and then to check they're still the goals you want to reach. 

I'm writing up a long-term to-do list for 2017, with things I'd like to do this year, not necessarily resolutions as such, but things I want to experience and do.

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What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2017?
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