Monday 29 February 2016

The February Round-Up

Dear February, where on earth did you go? 

This month was a strange one. I had my wrist operation smack bang in the middle of the month and it wrote off more of my time that I thought it would. For some reason I assumed I'd be at home for a couple of days then back to normal life by the sea. Nuh-uh. I was bandaged up, in a sling, unable to move my wrist or in pain for a good week and half and still (and won't for months) have my full range of motion. I'm not sure what I expected as it was an full on operation under general aesthetic, but I guess I didn't want to be that person who made a mountain out of a molehill so talked it down until it happened. But it's nearly March now and it's getting better day by day! Due to this, and the fact I'm in the third year of my degree and losing the will to live... I've felt pretty stressed with the university work, blog/YouTube balance and the not-so distant call of the future, of course. 

However, February has had some very fun times! 
- Celebrating the lovely bride-to-be, Maz, on her hen do and catching up with lots of friends.
- Seeing Jason Derulo for free and discovering my new bae. 
- Pancake day with all the uni lot and for once, getting the pancakes pretty spot on (if I do say so myself!) 
- Spending a delightful valentines Day date with my love. 
- Receiving so many lovely, caring messages after my operation from friends and family. 
- Signing my first contract to work with a brand. Exciting stuff. Mini milestones reached!
- Spending some time with the family whilst I was recovering. 
-All topped off with a weekend of incredible food cooked by Henry's mum, lots of wine and bubbles, amazing company and talks late into the night. Then, Sunday morning hungover dog walks (which are difficult to bring yourself to do, but secretly fun because you know you're all struggling a little bit inside...) before the reward of hot cups of tea, flakey pastries, smokey bacon and runny eggs. Perfect!

You can see all of these moments in my Weekly Vlogs below. I can't believe I've done another whole month! Also uploaded this month:

February Favourites (Coming on Wednesday!)

Things to remember in March :: 

- Daffodils on your desk make you happy!
- Give Mum & Dad a ring more often. 
- Stop saying 'yes' to everyone in fear of letting them down, time to put you first.
- See more friends! 
- Get stuck into your work, you'll thank yourself in May... 


Wednesday 24 February 2016

One Handed Make Up Challenge


I thought I'd make the most of not being able to use my right hand & film this video!

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Monday 22 February 2016

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week {22nd Feb}

After feeling in a bit of a slump after my operation, I though I'd write one of my favourite posts to put a smile on my face!
Flowers outside the florist

1. Get Well Soon flowers from my dad brightening up the room perfectly.
2. Spending time with my cat Mickey. He's such a calm, beautiful little one that brings my family so much joy.
3. The smell of bacon sandwiches on Sunday morning.
4. The bright orange yolks in the eggs from our Chickens.
5. I've got a sleepover planned with my bestest gal next week and I can not wait.
6. Sunshine! Bring on Spring!
7. Galaxy Golden Eggs. YUM.
8. The video of a 106 year old lady dancing with Obama & his wife, Michelle. My heart wanted to burst!
9. Mums snuggly, sky blue knitted Topshop jumper. I think I need to purchase my own or it'll be frequently missing from her wardrobe...
10. Pic'm'mix at the cost of penny sweets from the local village shop.

What's made you happy this week? :)


Friday 19 February 2016

Moon Tide

Say hello to my go-to outfit this season // My signature red lip, All Saints Leather J, a colour pop of Mustard and a beautiful necklace from a lovely Brighton Etsy Seller...
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Sunset Over Brighton Beach  
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit When I open my wardrobe, this new mustard yellow top jumps straight out of me. At only £7 in the Miss Selfridge sale, it was an absolute steal. With wide straps, a V-neck neck line and a cut out section on the back, it shows a little skin, but not too much. With high slits on both sides, it's extremely flattering with a pair of high-waisted jeans and breaks things up a little if you've got wider hips like me! I paired this with my blue New Look skinny jeans, New Look tan heeled boots, my Primark two tone scarf and one of my key wardrobe pieces, my All Saints Cargo Leather Biker Jacket. I also let my hair run wild and put on my signature red lip.

Mustard Top – Miss Selfridge
Blue Skinny Jeans – New Look
Tan Suede Boots – New Look
Two-tone scarf – Primark
Red lip – Blake Lively's L'Oreal Exclusive Red
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Brighton Bandstand
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
The main thing I wanted to talk about in this post, was this beautiful personalised Blue Crystal Quartz Necklace by Brighton Etsy Seller, Moon Tide. Moon Tide make handmade, personalised luxurious bohemian jewellery using gemstones, crystal quartz and shells, at stunningly affordable prices.

'My adventure inspired handmade jewellery has been made to wear at festivals, the beach and on great adventures' 

You can personalise your necklaces with different chains (I went for option B) and also sweet little initial charms or boho charms for a special touch.


Close up of 'Moon Tide' necklaceI have a sneaky little discount code for my readers...

Enter LOVEONTHEWALL at the checkout!

Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit Photo Collage - Tan Boots // Old Pier
Looking Out To Sea
Mustard Top, Blue Jeans Outfit
Brighton SeafrontLooking out to sea

Photos taken on an Olympus Pen E-PL7 with a 45mm lens.

Friday 12 February 2016

Jo Malone :: Pomegranate Noir

You know those perfumes that only take one spritz to improve your mood, make you feel that little bit happier, sexier and give you that confidence boost? I've picked out my favourite... Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Fragrance

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Fragrance

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Fragrance

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Fragrance

Saved only for very special occasions this is the perfect fruity, yet sultry perfume. It has notes of refreshing pomegranate, floral notes of Casablanca Lily's and smoky, woody notes of Guaiacwood. I actually received this for Christmas and it was the most luxurious present to open and totally made me feel like a woman (resists urge to sing Shania Twain...) This was also my first ever full sized Jo Malone product, making it that little bit more exciting. So, although it's a little more on the pricey side, if you're looking for that extra special thoughtful gift for a loved one, I'd highly recommend a trip to your local Jo Malone store. 

What are your favourite Jo Malone scents?

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Couples 123 Tag

I roped in the other half to film this weeks videos and put our relationship to the test to see just how much we really know about each other (it turns out it's not a lot ha!) 

Give it a try with your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friends, it's a lot of fun! 

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Thursday 4 February 2016

The January Round-Up

Here's a little round up of January's Weekly vlogs. This was my first solid month vlogging and if I'm honest, I found it difficult, but I absolutely loved it. It's so lovely to look back on moments with my friends, boyfriend and family - even moments where I'm sat at my desk having a chat, maybe a little a moan or filling you in on my plans for the day. I feel as a lifestyle blogger, my weekly vlogs sit alongside my channel perfectly. 

Diary displaying 'January' front page & Cup of tea
As far as January's go, this one wasn't too bad! I'd say it's gone pretty smoothly for the start of a new year, but I'm glad it's February and I'm ready to take on this month. With a wrist operation smack bang in the middle of it and university deadlines looming at the start of March it could be a hectic one with many highs and lows, but I'll be taking you along for the ride!

Also Uploaded This Month :: 

Things to note for February :: 

- Don't be scared of blogger events. 
- Get quicker at blow drying your hair. 
- Try to go for more than one 'run'
- Film more friendly faces
- Start to save up for that Canon G7X... swapping lenses when vlogging is not ideal!
- Find some more music, the struggle is very, very real with this one. 

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