Wednesday 26 April 2017

April Favourites

It's time for another favourites video! 

More lifestyle based faves this month ~ a TV show I was/still am/forever will be obsessed with ~ some music loves and style must haves. 

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Sunday 23 April 2017

Babes, Beers & Bowling


The one where I spend Good Friday with my best friends being owned at bowling and being scared shitless by ridiculous arcade games. Days like this are the absolute best, I love planning them, looking forward to them, enjoying them and then reliving them though these videos. I love being able to look back on some of my favourite memories with my favourite people, so I embrace the imperfections, that come with making sure I'm 100% enjoying myself at the same time and upload the memories to my channel.



Wednesday 12 April 2017

Huge Wardrobe Clear Out


My wardrobe was well overdue a huge clear out, so I thought I'd film the process - as it's the kind of mundane task that I strangely LOVE to watch videos about (I'm sure I'm not the only one?) 

So after a nightmare filming, including out of focus footage and then losing footage... the video has finally made it up on my channel, so please go and give it some love!

Are you feeling like you need a wardrobe Spring Clean too?!


Friday 7 April 2017

The Spring Jacket :: Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Today I'm gonna have a ramble about this new bomber jacket I'm absolutely LOVING right now. 
My Mumma kindly picked it up for me when she was out recently as a little present. She snooped around Outfit and found this in Dorothy Perkins - which isn't a place I tend to shop in that often (for no other reason other than forgetting it exists!) The jacket is by Blue Vanilla and is only £18 online, bargain.

It's the perfect transitional piece between Winter/Spring/Summer - it's a warm, thick material so it will keep you warm if there's a chilly breeze, but it's not a heavy jacket or coat that you'll end up carrying for the rest of the day if the sun shines. It's the perfect in between for the unpredictable Spring weather.

It's on trend with the floral embroidery on the body of the jacket, which oddly enough ties they burgundy, grey and navy & white stripe together. They're not colours I'd typically put together but the embroidery somehow manages to make it all work.

I've paired it with my blue high-waisted skinny jeans, a simple white tee, brown Chelsea boots, a brown belt and my usual black handbag. A very simple, casual look that I seem to be drawn to each time I open my wardrobe - perfect for Spring weekends.

White T-shirt - Primark 
Bag - Primark 
Reflective Aviators - Some where in Croatia...!

What kind of jackets do you go for during Spring? 


Wednesday 5 April 2017

Chatty Life Update


I thought I'd sit down to just have a chat and just update you on what I'm up to! I talk dentist nightmares, new internships and my thoughts on YouTube at the moment. 

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Monday 3 April 2017

Monthly To Do List :: APRIL

I'm not too sure how we got to the first week of April so quickly, but here we are! 

March was good. I had lots of fun days and enjoyed the sunshine which appeared rather frequently. I lost track a little of my goals and targets though, I started to just take life as it comes, which while is good at times, I do also like to be a little bit more planned when it comes to targets and having an idea of what I want to get done. Off topic, but I also had the worst dentist experience ever *insert upside down smiling emoji* which I go into a lot more detail in my video coming at 6pm today! 

Here's my to-do's for April (you may notice a few of last months popping up again...)

-- A P R I L --

- Finish reading book number three. 
- ACTUALLY DO SOME BLOODY EXERCISE. Yes, I said this last month. Yes, it's now two months until my holiday. Yes, it's Sunday night and there's a butterscotch yum yum in the kitchen that's calling my name. Yes, I'm tempted to eat it because 'I'll start on Monday'. (and yes, I will tooootally kick myself for this in two months time!) 
- Use my paper diary more. I rely on iCal, but I enjoy writing it down, pen to paper. 
- Read the gigantic stack of magazines sitting in my room.
- Moisturise after showering and do my proper skincare routine more often. 
- Plan my days better to help my productivity. I tend to leave things until then evening (ehem, like right now) and then panic when I can't get it done. It also means I go to bed with the worst mind traffic. It's got to stop! 

What are your 'to-do's' for April?
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