Sunday 25 August 2013

America Haul!


So, I'm not ready to film a video haul yet, but I thought my blog would be a great place to talk about the things I bought whilst on a road-trip in America! (Blog post about my holiday to follow!)
Who goes to Disneyland and doesn't purchase Minnie or Mickey ears? I certainly don't, but, surprisingly, these weren't easy to find! The place was filled with sequinned minnie ears but I was adamant to get the normal ones. After running from one end of the park to the other, I found them! Picked up some cute key rings too! 

My Mum gave me a dark navy Nars eyeliner a few months ago, it was amazing and I was gutted when it ran out! When I saw this beauty in 'Via Veneto' (black) in Sephora for $25 I couldn't resist treating myself. It's very highly pigmented and really is a 'long-wear eyeliner'. Despite the price tag, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a strong and long lasting eye-liner.

After admiring this mug on the Anthropologie website for months, I finally got it! Although the letter 'G' wasn't my favourite of the colours, compared to the other mugs, it's my initial so there wasn't much I could do. But despite that, I absolutely love it and I can't wait to have tea in it when I move to my student house in September! (eek!)

I think this Umbrella Ring Holder is super cute. This is also from Anthropologie and will be going in my new bedroom. The two rings were from a lovely shop I went to in Colorado and I thought they'd be a nice addition to my collection! 
I didn't do a lot of clothes shopping in the US, but did pick up two items. I got a light weight floral print kimono from Brandy Melville. It's a gorgeous shop with very 'tumblr-esque' clothes (if that's a thing...haha!). I could of shopped there for hours! I also got a loose fitting black jumper with silver studs on the shoulders from Forever 21. Warm, cosy and great to just sling on over jeans.

Obviously I had to get my hands on sweets that aren't available in the UK. These are so yummy, especially as I love watermelon! I also picked up Reece's Miniature Cups and three Trader Joe's 'Dark Chocolate, Caramel with Black Sea Salt' chocolate bars. To be quite honest this chocolate is indescribable and possibly the best chocolate ever. Get yourself to Trader Joe's to try this! 

My bag of nail varnish may be overflowing... but I can't resist new exciting nail varnishes! The American Apparel Silver Glitter was free for signing up to thier newsletter, love a freebie! The other two were from a shop in Colorado called 'Del Sol', a shop crammed full of colour changing clothes and accessories. In full sunlight, 'Pretty In Pink', the shimmery white, turns to a bright barbie pink and 'Confetti', the purple glitter, turns to a navy blue glitter. I'd never seen anything like this before so I had to buy some when I saw it! 

This phone case was also from Brandy Melville and I absolutely love it. I seem to collect phone cases and I'm always chopping and changing them. I'd seen designs like the Brandy Melville ones online, but not in any shops in the UK. 

Saving the best 'till last! My Steve Madden 'Wanting' Wedges, black leather with a dull gold buckle. I love a bargin and these were definitely that: $100 down to $50... which is about £35! With my Steve Madden 'Dynemite' heels being the most comfortable heels ever, I knew these would be a good purchase.

So, There you go! those were some of my purchases from America! This is my first 'haul' blog post and I definitely enjoyed writing it! Hope you liked it!



Tuesday 13 August 2013

Hello There!

After much thought I have decided to start a blog! I have always loved reading blogs and I've become particularly interested in them this past year. I think it's a great way focus on the positives in life, to write about what makes you happy and things you love! I will post all sorts of things from posts about my life to fashion and beauty reviews (I'm no expert, so it's just my opinions)

Whilst studying for my A levels I discovered 'Youtube Vloggers' (...bad timing, but a great way to procrastinate!) I think vlogging is amazing and looks so fun, so it's definitely something I might try out in the future! 

But for now, it's time to get blogging!

Georgia <3

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