Monday 28 October 2013

Fun Friday, Snoozy Saturday, Stormy Sunday, Manic Monday

(Not my photo. Original Source unknown.)

A nice way to start a monday morning, ey? 

t h e w e e k e n d :

Fun Friday:
Piano and Keyboard window shopping to find the perfect one for me.
A Jamie Oliver cookbook as a present from my stepmum.
Mojito's and Mexican were on the menu for dinner with the family. 
I got to sleep in my own bed again!

Snoozy Saturday:
Cuddles with my cat, I've missed his furry tum.
Soup and Bagels on the sofa with mum.
My Favourite dinner.
Seeing my family again, for the first time since I moved!
Lots of cups of tea.

Stormy Sunday
A catch up over salted caramel hot chocolates in Starbucks with my two best friends.
A reflective train journey back to my second home. 
Goodbyes with mum, always a hard one. 
Horror films, don't watch 'Sinister'... officially scarred for life. 
The storm of all storms crashing it's way throughout the night. 
A sleepless night worrying about the storm, but also worrying that there was a small demon in my room about to kill me....

Manic Monday:
Blue skies and brisk wind, a surprise after last night's chaos. 
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels.
Faux Fur coat and a chunky knitted dress.
Planning Halloween Outfits. 

That was my weekend, Lazy, fun and relaxing. Thought I'd throw Monday in there... just because. 
I'm Really missing my blog, fingers crossed for internet in my flat this week. 

What did you get up too this weekend?


Sunday 13 October 2013

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

-- 7th October 2013 - 13th October 2013 --

Of course, as nothing ever runs smoothly in this world, the wifi man did not turn up on Wednesday and we still don't have wifi in my flat... but I've payed for a day of internet so I will make the most of it and blog blog blog away...

1. Long walks along the sea front. Beautiful and relaxing, especially when the sun's setting.

2. The slight Indian Summer we've had here. Brighton is so beautiful in the sunshine and catching glimpses of the sparkling sea on my way to uni is so refreshing.

3. So, I loved the sun but nothing excites me quite like having to wrap up in your coat, scarf, hat and gloves when you venture out on an Autumn day. I love layering and chunky knits so I'm so excited to start wrapping up!

4. Starting university. Nerve wracking, full on and overwhelming but unbelievably exciting.

5. £1 drinks at Digital... it made for a very very fun and hilarious night! (Who doesn't love a night out?! I'm not an alcoholic... promise!)

6. In Your Atmosphere - John Mayer... I may be a little late on only just discovering this absolute gem of a song. It makes me so happy and makes me think of happy things :)

7. Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate... the perfect winter warmer.

8. Seaside sunsets. I don't think it will ever get old.

9. Shopping for winter bits, birthday presents for loved ones and some new winter boots. Also, Shopping = hauls!

10. Being told I look like a young Kylie Minogue at a networking event... not had that one before, haha!

I have to say I'm missing the 'green-ness' and quietness of home. But I guess I have swapped trees for seagulls and fields for the ocean so I can't complain!

What's made you happy this week? What are you looking forward too next week?

Monday 7 October 2013

Time to Catch Up.

Hello blogging world!
Oh, how I have missed you and boy, do I have a lot to tell you! There's been some huge changes in my life the past few weeks.
My lack of blog posts is due to the fact I have no internet in my new flat (waaah) We get it on Wednesday, so then I will be able to pour my happy thoughts into blog posts.
Due to this I'm currently sipping on a salted caramel hot chocolate and munching a salmon and cream cheese bagel in Starbucks, the things we do for Wifi ey?!

I'm now a Student at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and I no longer live at home! I'm living in a flat in Brighton with three lovely/crazy housemates and I absolutely love it. The freedom of not living with parents is pretty cool and although I miss my family, I'm so happy here and I thought I'd miss home a lot more than I do! Brighton is such a cool place. You walk out of a club at 3am and sit on the beach... The sun comes out so you go for a walk along the seafront... You want a vintage dress so you go to the lanes. I can see myself being very at home here for the next three years! There have been some other changes, that I won't go into on here. Although the change was hard and upsetting, I know it was the right thing to do.

Today is my first day at BIMM. Am I nervous? HELL TO THE YEAH. But I'm also so excited to start building my confidence and developing myself as an artist. Our induction was insane and so exciting. Presentations from the tutors, performances from live bands and interviews with industry professionals. A highlight for me was the interview with Amy Winehouse's parents about the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which my uni does a lot to raise money for. The best part without a shadow of a doubt was a interview with Lawson, as the drummer, Adam, used to go to BIMM. Being a Lawson fan for two years, going to every tour (bar one) and meeting them a year ago gives you an idea of how excited I was...! Even better when they said they had free tickets to give us for thier gig at the Brighton Centre that night. I went with a few friends and had such a great night!

So, that's the past three weeks of my life for you. An absolute whirlwind and full of excitement. I feel like i've just thrown lots of words out and they've gone splat onto the page... but there was no way i could organise all of those thoughts, haha!

If all goes well with the wifi there will be a '10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week' post on Sunday!

What have you been up to recently? Have you just started uni too?


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