Tuesday 29 April 2014

Wish/Want/Need 002

Here are a few things I'm eager to get my hands on at the moment!

1. Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes - Everyone raves about the Real Techniques brushes, so I really want to get my hands on some and the Core Collection seems like a good one to start with. I'm looking forward to using the buffing brush! I reaaaally want the 'Rose Gold' Zoeva brushes, but at £60 they are a bit of a stretch! 
2. Triangl Bikini - I love these bikini's, but I need the money to buy one, then a holiday to wear it on! They are in such bright and vibrant colours and they look like they fit everyone perfectly!
3. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - I've heard this is a dupe of the bioderma cleanser which I can't get my hands on as it's not available in the UK! Just want to give it a try as I've just got into skincare and I've heard a lot about it!
4. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Lychee. I am obsessed with the Gelly range! I wasn't too convinced when it first came out, but combined with my Nails inc. Caviar Top Coat and Jessica Quick Dry Oil (which is incredible by the way!) the colour stays vibrant, super shiny and last for ages! I also want to purchase it in 'Mango'!
5. Topshop White Joni Jeans - I think white jeans can look amazing and so classy when paired with the right outfit. Only thing I worry about is getting them dirty, knowing my luck the day I wear them will be the day I sit on wet paint... haha!

What are you lusting over at the moment?


Saturday 26 April 2014

OUTFIT // Reckless Ambition

So, whilst my boyfriend, Henry and his band were off rehearsing, I thought I'd take the time to take a few outfit photos of their new merchandise (as a surprise!). I thought what better way to start off some fashion posts on my blog than with something that means a lot to me! I'm super proud of the guys and I support them in everything they do, plus I love these t-shirts!
(These aren't their official merchandise photos or anything, just some photos for my blog!)

Order your own Reckless Ambition T-shirt here
Leather Skirt - H&M
Black Cut-Out Boots - New Look

Check out Reckless Ambition's Facebook page here and have a listen to their album, it's seriously good (and I sing on one of the tracks, so now you haaave to go and listen!)

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Easter Weekend!

I have had the loveliest Easter Weekend! It's been filled with family, fun and feasts (of mainly chocolate, of course!)

G O O D F R I D A Y 
On Good Friday, Henry's mum came to pick us up from Brighton and took us for lunch in a super cool new restaurant that's just opened, Verano Lounge. I had a really nice sherbet lemonade which I will definitely be having again! Also, I absolutely loved how they displayed the cakes and nibbles in the photo below!

I'm Wearing: 
White Top - Primark
Mint & Gold Necklace - Primark
Tanya Burr Lipgloss in 'Chic'

My older brother, Sam and I took a trip to see our Granny and Grandpa in their new (and very cute) flat! We were so sad to see them move out of their old house, but the new flat is just lovely! It was lovely to see them so happy and settled after a rather hectic move! We even got them to take a selfie...!

We then thought it was definitely time for a family selfie and this photo will forever be one of my absolute favourites! Three generations of Furness men, Grandpa, Dad and two Sons & then Granny and I! I love that my youngest brother and my grandpa have the same facial expression going on!

Rocking some facial hair in Pizza Express with Ethan.

Returned to my dads house, full of pizza and ready to flop on the sofa. Had to take a photo of these gorgeous tulips in jars in the kitchen!

Happy Easter!
The Easter bunny made it to my house and was super generous, which was great being a chocoholic an' all!

The Easter bunny even got some posh chocolates for Mumma! My Auntie and Grandma came over so it was lovely to spend some time with them. 

I went with Henry and his family to see his Uncle, Auntie and Cousins at their beautiful house. We had the yummiest roast and spent hours all chatting and laughing in the garden as it was a beautiful day. I really do love getting to know Henry's family, spending time with them and hearing all the funny family stories they have to tell, I always have such a lovely time when I'm with them.  

This was our 'We're back in Brighton and we're really tired, but have had a really lovely day' photo, (obviously, cant you tell?). Spirits were high after such a lovely weekend and a cosy night in just topped it all off!

I did warn you it was a very family filled post! 
What did you get up too on the Easter Bank Holiday?


Sunday 20 April 2014

Angel Food Bakery!

My lovely friend Cora came to visit me in Brighton on Thursday, so after we headed to the beach, we went to 'Angel Food Bakery' for catch-ups and cupcakes! 
Cora opted for a chocolate orange cupcake and a hot chocolate and I went for a red velvet cupcake and a cup of tea!

Isn't the way they gave me my milk so unbelievably cute!?

As you can see I thoroughly enjoyed my cupcake and it didn't last for very long!
Sadly, these are the only photos I took, which is crazy seeing as you'll never find Cora or I without a camera, but these will do!


Sunday 13 April 2014

10 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Still feeling a little un-inspired, so blog posts are coming in a little slow but I'm hoping I should be back to normal soon!

(I do not own this photo. Found on clementinesandtulips.tumblr.com)

1. Modern Family. I'm totally hooked. It's hilarious and easy to watch when you're just chilling out.

2. Comin' Home - City and Colour. Definitely my favourite song at the moment, the lyrics are amazing, it's such a beautiful song.

3. Being back in Brighton. Sad to leave home, but not sad to be back!

4. Recording a new cover, it had been a very long time. check that out here! & A March Haul video which you can see here!

5. The break between my tuesday lectures. I normally slip off to Starbucks on my own and get work done, catch up on emails and write a few blog posts. After my 9am start (as much as I detest it...) I always feel super productive!

6. I decided to make the most of walking home in the sunshine today and took a detour via a beautiful square full of flowers, then to the beach. I took a few photos so will be uploading them. It was super sunny and Brighton just looked so beautiful! 

7. Film Nights! Friday night and Saturday night were spent with my boyfriend and a few best friends watching film after film! A lot of fun with so many funny moments!

8. Catching up with my friend Dan over lunch at Wagamama's. He's a funny one, so it's always a laugh when I see him. 

9. Boost Mango Passion Smoothie. Yum. 

10. Treating Henry to the new game he wanted. Left it on his bed with a bar of chocolate, that he loves, as a surprise = a vey happy henry :)

Also, according to my Mumma, my Auntie Nana (Said 'Narna'... Her name is Diana, it's a nickname... don't ask!) loves reading my blog, so Hey Nana, Lots of Love! 

What has made you smile this week? 


Thursday 10 April 2014

NEW VIDEO // March Haul!

NEW VIDEO // March Haul.
Check out what I picked up in Primark, Office, Boots and a few other shops throughout March!

Please LIKE the video if you enjoyed it and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see more videos. 

I'm thinking I'll do a 'What's In My Bag?' video next, What do you think?


Tuesday 8 April 2014

iPhone Life

I'm sorry I've been a little distant recently, I had a serious case of what I call 'Bloggers Block' and not been too inspired to post, but I think I'm getting over it! 

I hate when photos get lost in my phone, if they don't make it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, so I thought I'd put a little post together to fill you in with what I've been up too and share some photos!

Mothers day breakfast in bed for my Mum! I got her the 'H' mug from Anthropologie in LA and I have the matching 'G' one :)

Mirror selfies before I went out for my brothers 25th birthday celebrations. I love the hint of mustard yellow throughout this photo. My dress is from Primark and I'm love it! 

Partying with my brother, Sam!

On Tuesday the sun was shiiiining! It was a beautiful day so I sat in the park with a bunch of friends and enjoyed Calippo's and peach ice tea!

Everyone meet 'Big Verne' - the pretty impressive cockerel belonging to my dad & step mum. 

You may have worked out by now that I am tea-OBSESSED. I drink it all day, every day, so finding this gigantic mug in Next, for a bargin-ous £4, made me super happy!

Dessert time! I went for a meal with my oldest friend, Katie, to catch up as we rarely get to see each other. It was so lovely to see her and we definitely made a good choice on these desserts... Banoffee Pie again please?!

The perfect breakfast! I had a rather sleepless night, the night before, with  my cat trying to perform a balancing act on me and a snoring boyfriend lying on my arm... (but I love them too much too stay mad!) So this breakfast made things 100x better! 

Those are just a few things from my last week at home! 
My 'easter' holidays are over now, so I'm back in sunny Brighton! 

Are you enjoying your easter holidays?  :)

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