Sunday 13 April 2014

10 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Still feeling a little un-inspired, so blog posts are coming in a little slow but I'm hoping I should be back to normal soon!

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1. Modern Family. I'm totally hooked. It's hilarious and easy to watch when you're just chilling out.

2. Comin' Home - City and Colour. Definitely my favourite song at the moment, the lyrics are amazing, it's such a beautiful song.

3. Being back in Brighton. Sad to leave home, but not sad to be back!

4. Recording a new cover, it had been a very long time. check that out here! & A March Haul video which you can see here!

5. The break between my tuesday lectures. I normally slip off to Starbucks on my own and get work done, catch up on emails and write a few blog posts. After my 9am start (as much as I detest it...) I always feel super productive!

6. I decided to make the most of walking home in the sunshine today and took a detour via a beautiful square full of flowers, then to the beach. I took a few photos so will be uploading them. It was super sunny and Brighton just looked so beautiful! 

7. Film Nights! Friday night and Saturday night were spent with my boyfriend and a few best friends watching film after film! A lot of fun with so many funny moments!

8. Catching up with my friend Dan over lunch at Wagamama's. He's a funny one, so it's always a laugh when I see him. 

9. Boost Mango Passion Smoothie. Yum. 

10. Treating Henry to the new game he wanted. Left it on his bed with a bar of chocolate, that he loves, as a surprise = a vey happy henry :)

Also, according to my Mumma, my Auntie Nana (Said 'Narna'... Her name is Diana, it's a nickname... don't ask!) loves reading my blog, so Hey Nana, Lots of Love! 

What has made you smile this week? 



  1. Oh Modern Family is one of my favourite shows, Lily is always so funny, always a great pick me up.

  2. I'm so jealous you get to live in Brighton, I love Brighton and with the sun being out lately do wish I lived near the sea.

    1. it's amazing living here, it's my favourite place!


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