Saturday 26 April 2014

OUTFIT // Reckless Ambition

So, whilst my boyfriend, Henry and his band were off rehearsing, I thought I'd take the time to take a few outfit photos of their new merchandise (as a surprise!). I thought what better way to start off some fashion posts on my blog than with something that means a lot to me! I'm super proud of the guys and I support them in everything they do, plus I love these t-shirts!
(These aren't their official merchandise photos or anything, just some photos for my blog!)

Order your own Reckless Ambition T-shirt here
Leather Skirt - H&M
Black Cut-Out Boots - New Look

Check out Reckless Ambition's Facebook page here and have a listen to their album, it's seriously good (and I sing on one of the tracks, so now you haaave to go and listen!)

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