Thursday 30 April 2015

April Favourites!

Turns out I've been loving a lot of stuff this month! From some Space NK purchases to my new TV show to binge watch to getting that summer bod. Felt good to do a video after a little time out (grr uni...) and I'm excited to get filming some more! Please do subscribe if you enjoy it and want to see more! 


Thursday 23 April 2015

Spring Loves

blooms of daffodils popping up everywhere
writing my summer bucket list
blossom on the trees
the prospect of beach days
pastel colours
white jeans
the smell of freshly cut grass
magnolia trees
smiley face and happy moods
lighting fresh scented candles
bright nail varnish
light evenings

What do you love about spring?


Sunday 19 April 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Making the most of my last week at home...

A slightly less fancy photo for this post... but we're better than a photo of a bunch of daffodils anyway... right? ;)

1. Celebrating Grandma's 90th birthday with her. She's an absolute wonder woman!

2. Making drunk human pyramids with friends in their quest to make it on to my blog! Lots of wine, lots of laughs and a very fun night.

3. Thinking about summer term in Brighton. The prospect of beach days makes me feel all warm inside. Salty hair and sun-kissed skin please!

4. Snacking on dried mango. Mmmm.

5. I went to watch Celebrity Juice being filmed with Henry. Without a doubt one of the funniest things I've ever watched and I'm now completely in love with Steve-O!

6. Reminiscing with my best friend over tea and cake on a sunny tuesday afternoon.

7. I've been taking care of my skin recently. My skin is loving soaking up all the moisture I've been giving it!

8. Summer Plans.

9. Buying a few bunches of daffodils from a local garden centre. Brightening up the kitchen beautifully!

10. Looking at ideas for my next hair appointment, exciting!

What has made you happy this week?

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Instagram #3

I'm ever so slightly obsessed with Instagram, so thought I'd round up some of my recent photos again!

an afternoon well spent with granny and grandpa // mojito o'clock // lunch at bills // me & the mr // triple chocolate cookies // netflix and smoothies // going loopy // brighton or LA? // lazy sunday morning // late night ice cream trip // illustration by willa gebbie // happy hour // dinner date // bloggers boyfriend duties // happy hour... again! // moody seaside sky

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Sunday 12 April 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

There has been lots of things to smile about this week! I absolutely love taking the time to think back on the week and remember that little things that made me happy. 

1. Spring has Sprung! Nothing like a spot of sunshine to put a smile on my face. 

2. Cracking my easter egg. It's satisfying to know that once you've made that big step, you can break bits off every few minutes now and then.

3. Planning the next week in my diary. It's going to be ridiculously busy, but a lot of fun! 

4. Magnolia Trees against the backdrop of blue sky. Perfect.

5. I got a job! And not just any job, a job that relates to my degree and is a job I'd kill to get post university, let alone whilst I'm still there. It's singing and performing every week at weddings and parties, what more could I want? I love performing at weddings, to add something to that couples very special day is just the loveliest thing. It's daunting and slightly overwhelming but very exciting. 

6. Babysitting my little brother last night. I was watching him potter about the house and just couldn't believe how grown up (yet still unbelievably cute) he was!

7. Sprinkle Of Glitter, Louise, posting her 'Mini Happies' on Facebook. It's a similar idea to this post, to look at the little things that made you smile.

8. Brighton in the sunshine! Going back there for two days after a few weeks at home makes you really appreciate what an incredible place it is. 

9. AprilDeForce. I really enjoy Fleur's daily vlogs, so I'm really pleased she is vlogging this month!

10. Starting my sunday with breakfast in bed and blue sky outside. 

What made you happy this week? Look for the little things! :)

Friday 10 April 2015

Happy & Healthy {four}

 'Happy & Healthy' is going to be a little different this month. I'm going to have a ramble about someone very motivational...

 There's a lady that has inspired me to kick some butt in the gym recently. Her name is Carly Rowena and she is an absolute babe. 

(Credit: This photo belongs to Carly Rowena. Source:

I hadn't really found any YouTubers that I could relate to when it came to health and fitness. Some I watched and felt completely overwhelmed, some cooked with ingredients that would soak up my student budget in one hit and some I found a little too serious for my liking. 

A few months ago I joined the gym and it was around the same time that I discovered Carly's videos. In fact the first day I went, I watched a video where she mentioned that it's okay to feel like a giant penis whilst doing your gym induction. Feeling a little nervous, it was just what I needed to hear, so I stood proud, feeling like a giant willy!

Her videos are informative, fun, colourful and some of them can be pretty hilarious. 'Alternative Uses for Tampons & Pads' with Hollie Wakeham had my housemate and I in tears! Workout routines, 30 Day Challenges, food diaries, meal ideas, fitness tags, workout wardrobes - everything you could want from a fitness guru really! She's a personal trainer, so really does know what she is talking about, but it doesn't come across in a patronising way in the slightest. 

(Credit: This photo belongs to Carly Rowena. Source:

As someone who can really lack motivation sometimes, scrolling through her blog, watching a video or even dropping her a tweet (as she seems tp pretty much replies to everyone if she can!) can be just what I need to keep me going. 

So if you haven't heard of Carly before, go and check out her YouTube Channel via the links below and have a snoop around her blog too!

This won't be the last time you'll see her name pop up on my blog, as I can pretty much assure you I'll be raving about a new video or blog post sometime soon! & who knows? I'll keep working hard and maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to meet, maybe even work out with the lovely lady!

CARLY'S LINKS :: Blog :: YouTube :: Twitter :: Instagram 


Wednesday 8 April 2015

Easter Weekend Round-Up!

g o o d f r i d a y 

I spent Good Friday with my grandparents, catching up over tea and hot cross buns! Granny & I decided to do some painting together like we used too. I was nice to just get a paintbrush in my hand again which I haven't done for a few years! 

s a t u r d a y

I spent the day with my mum doing a spot of shopping and some movies in the evening. No photos to show for it! 

e a s t e r s u n d a y 

Mum and I managed to unknowingly set up an Easter Egg hunt for each other, in the same room without finding our own goodies! Nothing like a game of 'hot and cold' with a cup of tea in your hand on easter morning!

I spent Easter Sunday with Henry and his family, the sun even made a glorious appearance! 

A bit of colouring for a couple of 20 year olds, nothing wrong with that right? 

He's just my favourite. He's a good egg :) 

The table was set beautifully. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and the bunny rabbit serviettes were just the cutest! 

Feeling absolutely stuffed we enjoyed a relaxed afternoon chatting away and being entertained by the doggies! 

e a s t e r m o n d a y 

The sun was shining again! It felt like the first day of Spring, absolutely gorgeous! 

I'm obsessed with the combination of stripes and florals, it's definitely something I'm going to (try) to rock a lot this spring/summer. 

It was Henry's dad's birthday on Easter Monday, so we went out for a lovely meal at The Hurstwood, in High Hurstwood. Definitely a place to go if you're near! 

Gorgonzola stuffed figs, wrapped in parma ham to start, followed by the yummiest fish and chips I've had in a long time and a to die for sticky toffee pudding to finish!

Henry & I then made our way back to Brighton for the night. So a weekend full of 'happies' if you ask me! 

What did you get up too this Easter?


Thursday 2 April 2015

Spring Wishlist!

Hello! I thought I'd throw together a little Spring Wishlist as I'd seen so many beautiful things! I always think Spring to Autumn seems like such a big jump wardrobe wise. The sun appears and I suddenly want to dowse myself in pastels and wear flowers in my hair! 

(Click the shop link below to view the items) 

1. Black Lace Blouse, Sheinside - I've seen any tops like this on the highstreet and with a price like that, it would be rude to say no! 

2. Mandala Print Tank, ASOS - I'm obsessed with Mandala prints so this this slouchy tank top is perfect. 

3. Beige Layered Dress, Fashion Union - With wedding season, holiday season and, lets face it, 'show a little bit of skin' season coming up, dresses like this one are perfect to dress up or dress down!

4. White Wide Leg Trousers,Missguided- I've got an hourglass figure, so I'm not 100% this style will suit me.. but if Kim K can get away with it... so can I, right?

5. Blue Knitted Jumper, Pretty Little Thing - I've got a thing for coloured jumpers paired with white jeans at the moment. This gorgeous baby blue number 

6. Black T-Shirt Dress, ASOS - Perfect to sling on for comfort and then accessorise.

7. Lace Cold Shoulder Dress, ASOS - So dreamy. Festivals, beach days, pub gardens, sunny walks, anything. 

8. Beige Wide Leg Trousers - Missguided - Again, another one I'm not entirely sure will suit me, but I'm dying to get my hands on a pair.

9. Blue & White Playsuit, Boohoo - I'm a complete sucker for a blue and white combo. I love the shape of this playsuit too. 

10. Floral Print Oversized Shirt, Missguided - I've had my eye on this for a while, I think I might jus thave to give in to temptation. 

11. Peach Jersey Top, Missguided - A pretty spring/summer basic to have lurking in the wardrobe. 

12. Black & White Kimono, Boohoo - Kimonos are fab when it's warm, but a little too chilly for bare arms! Black and white keeps in simple, but it's made more interesting by a bold print! 

Check out my full Spring Style Wishlist on HaveYouSeen here!

There might just be an Spring Accessories Wishlist coming too... What have you got your eye on?

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