Monday 26 March 2018

5 Tips for a Spring Refresh

Last week brought the first day of Spring and the start of daylight saving in the UK. I'm writing this post at 7pm and the sun is only just setting, ohhhh how happy the longer and lighter evenings make me! Like many people, the Spring months have me clearing out cupboards, blitzing with cleaning products and refreshing my decor. These are my top five tips to have the best Spring Refresh.

Although Summer and Winter usually bring my full on wardrobe switch up, the start of Spring means I like to fold up some of the chunkier jumpers and hang out a few more colourful pieces to freshen things up. Once I've put away some clothes and chucked a couple on the bin or charity pile, it's time to make a few new purchases. This year I decided to add in a new staple striped top (if you watched my last video, you'll know the big love for stripey's!) This simple *Black and White tank top was sent to me by the lovely people at TOBI, an LA based clothing brand with free worldwide shipping! It's perfect to tuck into jeans or leave to hang with a flattering swing hem. I'd pair this with my trusty black skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins, simple ASOS silver hoop earrings and a nude lip - super simple, but put together!

Today called for my bedding changeover! My faux fur throw and nude/beige cushions are up in the loft and my bed is now adorned with blue and white cushions and a beautiful throw. Blue and white is my all time favourite colour combination, as it has me dreaming of sunny times and holidays, so it's the perfect colour combo to have around me to brighten my day.

My room is covered in photos of me and my nearest and dearest. I take a gazillion photos daily, so it's only right I get them printed and display them around my room. Spring calls for switching those up! Likewise with plants and candles - fresh plants will bring a little life into your room - this cute lil one is actually a fake from Ikea, because a plant mama I am not! I love lighting candles and my favourite scents are fresh or fruity, so I've picked up a few new ones to light over the Spring months.

I find decluttering so satisfying. I love going through the boxes under my bed, through the organised piles on my desk or the draw that I fill with all the miscellaneous items that have no home. Tidy space, tidy mind - a mantra I like to live by - as I focus, live and sleep better and in a clean and tidy environment. Once I've inevitably made even more mess in the decluttering process, eventually things start to look clearer and then I'll clean and wipe all the surfaces to finish off. It's also worth a little digital declutter too - unfollow negative accounts, delete annoying apps, clear the junk folder in your inbox, take 10,000 photos down to a reasonable amount and maybe change your backgrounds to brighten things up!

This really needs no explanation, but fresh flowers will just brighten a room and lift your mood instantly. At this time of year, I buy daffodils nearly every week. They last around a week, are only £1 in supermarkets and are the most joyful pop of colour to have dotted around your living space. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll get some tulips - my faves!

 Also, make a playlist to listen to whilst you clean away - put in all the feel good songs and you'll be good to go!

What are your favourite ways to Spring Clean?

*These items were kindly sent to me, but all my honest own opinions. 


Friday 23 March 2018

The Jumper Dress :: Spring Wardrobe Essential

One of the pieces I'm always reaching for with the temperamental UK weather is a jumper dress. I find it's the perfect thing to wear in Spring, when it's certainly not hot, but a coat might be a little much (well, maybe not if the recent snow we've had rears it's head again!) I feel my best in a dress and tights as it tends to flatter parts of me I like the most and cover up areas I might like to hide a little more, but lots of dresses are more fitting for sunnier climes, that's where my fave staple jumper dress comes in. 
It's a classic piece I'll wear throughout most seasons - Spring, Autumn and Winter. Paired with simple or statement jewellery it can be dressed up or dress down to fit the occasion. If I'm heading out for cocktails, but wanting to combine comfort with style, I'll wear a jumper dress with statement earrings, belted at the waist with tights and heeled boots. If I'm spending a day out and about with friends, I'll go for simple jewellery, a belt, tights and flat boots. Oooor on the complete other end of the spectrum, it's perfect to just throw on for a day working from home, comfy and you feel a little better than working in tight jeans or slouchy PJ's! 

This is the *So Lost Sweater Dress from TOBI, an LA based clothing company with free worldwide shipping! They kindly got in touch recently and sent over a few pieces - this dress and beautiful star necklace being two of them. I browsed the site for hours, it's full of affordable clothing and there's a style for everyone.

What I'm Wearing ::

+++ the beaut mug is from Anthropologie

*These items were kindly sent to me, but all my honest own opinions. 


Friday 16 March 2018

10 Wardrobe Staples

You know those clothes in your wardrobe that might as well be your uniform? These are ten classic pieces I'm endlessly reaching for and rely on to complete nearly all my outfits. These pieces go effortlessly together or create a good foundation to build an outfit around. Basically these are my fave wardrobe basics - stripey tops all day, everyday!

You can shop my key pieces above*. 
What are your wardrobe essentials?

Monday 12 March 2018

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week {12.03.18}

Things have been a little sparse on here recently, but I have a very good reason! I hoping to do a big ol' life update video soon which will explain what I've been up to. I have been regularly uploading on my YouTube channel though (have you seen my recent videos?)But I'm getting back on top of things with my favourite blog post that helps me focus on the little pleasures in life!
Georgia infront of Brighton Beach Sunset
Brighton Sunset
(a few snaps from a recent beaut Saturday in Brighton)

1. International Women's Day. Celebrating the leading ladies who have taught me how to be a strong, independent and powerful woman is the absolute best. Last year I wrote this blog post about the women in my life.  
2. Spring/Summer wardrobe additions!
3. A 'sing your heart out to Paramore' moment in the car with Em this weekend. The BEST! 
4. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Hot Cross Buns from M&S. There are no words.
5. Sewing lessons with Granny. I couldn't even take up a simple hem (I can now!) so Granny is taking the time to teach me the skills our Grandparents and Parents learnt at school. I can't ask my Mum to fix my clothes for the rest of my life, so time to get learning. 
6. Burning my Wild Mint and White Tea candle at my desk.
7. Seeing I, Tonya at the cinema - great film and crazy true story. Margot Robbie is outstanding as always.
8. The smell of Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia mixed with Peony and Blush suede, oh my. It's fresh, summery and slightly sweet - think I might make a purchase for my Spring/Summer scent.
9. Statement boots and statement earrings - my go-to to make an outfit more exciting!
10. Those moments where you realise how incredible and inspiring the people in your life are. I've had this feeling a lot recently, it leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside which just confirms the importance of these friendships and relationships. I might write a longer post on this, but for now, basically they're all the best babes I could ever ask for. 

What's made you happy this week?

Thursday 8 March 2018

Highstreet Haul | Zara, H&M, Primark

Despite the recent snow-storms and minus temperatures we've had, I've been shopping for a few affordable pieces to kick start my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I'm loving prints and bright colours and desperate for a little warmth, sunshine and let's face it... a tan!

What are your fave pieces in the haul? Let me know! 

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