Sunday 31 May 2015

Jeepers Peepers!

I'm an absolute Sunglasses Obsessive! There is no limit to my collection (Although, Mumma tells me there should be...) so I'm always looking for new pairs so was absolutely delighted when Jeepers Peepers* sent me this pair.

 These matte tortoise shell wayfarers with a metal frame around the lens are absolutely perfect for the upcoming Summer months! I love tortoise shell glasses, but don't have any pairs like this already and hadn't seen any with a matte finish. 
These are super affordable at £16 and although this exact pair is no longer available, there are so many gorgeous pairs on their website. I love this similar pair, Jay and also love Carmen. Have a browse through to see if your perfect pair is there, on their website

Saturday 30 May 2015

Huge Spring Primark Haul!

My first ever Primark haul for you! I do enjoy having a little shop in Primark, there's a lot of rubbish but there are definitely some gems in there too. If you've uploaded a Primark Haul recently let me know, I absolutely love watching them!

Enjoy! x

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Las Iguanas {Brighton}

Despite not being a spice lover, I absolutely love Mexican food. Make me fajitas and I'll be yours forever! That, and the fact it was Happy Hour all night long was the perfect excuse for a meal out with two friends, Fran & Abi. We headed to Las Iguanas in Brighton, having seen a few photos of the food and cocktails a week before. I think it's actually Latin, not just Mexican, but there's something for every on the menu from burgers to nachos to burritos. 

It was 2-4-1 Cocktails during Happy Hour, so we indulged. Two Pina Coladas, two Passion Fruit Fizz' and two Mango Collins. They were incredible - fruity, sweet, sour and damn right delicious. 

We ordered, chatted away and before we knew it food had arrived, Fajitas for Fran and I, a chicken burger for Abi. Brought the table sizzling on the hot plate, with a platter of dips and warm wraps, it smelt incredible. We tucked in straight away and it was, indeed, incredible! 

Mains done, we went for dessert AND another cocktail too, girls night out and all that. I've been dreaming of he dessert ever since, their Creamy Caramel Cake; layers of soaked sponge & caramelised cream, drizzled with dulce de leche, topped with more caramelised cream and blueberries... Uhhhmazing. 

We topped off our meal with lots of giggles and an Island Margarita each, leaving these three girls super happy! I'd definitely recommend a trip to Las Iguanas, especially in Happy Hour if you love a cocktail (or three!)


Monday 25 May 2015

Monday Motivation!

(Source: Unknown)

Just a little post today. It's currently 00:38 on Monday Morning and I have to be up in about 5 hours for my first exam. It's going to be a very stressful three weeks, but the light at the end of the tunnel is a four-month Summer and I can't freakin' wait. 

Start your Monday with a kickass workout, strong coffee and a smile! Have a good week, you lovely lot. x


Saturday 23 May 2015

Happy & Healthy {five}

Time for this months instalment of Happy & Healthy! 

FINDING THE TIME - This is my main problem at the moment, I'm just so busy. With it being exam time in my second year of university, the load is pretty heavy and I'm struggling to keep up the blog and youtube routine and finding the time to work out. Every time I sit down to write a blog post or get ready for the gym, I feel like I should stay at home and write another chunk of my essay instead. Also it's way too easy to sit and pig out when you're stressing about the cultural relevance of an album pre 1970 (Yes, that's my life right now). That aside, I've been going to the gym at least once a week for the past few weeks and I'm planning to cane it during June when university has finished and I'm still in Brighton! Look out for a 'top tips on being busy' blog post next week

MUSIC TO MOTIVATE - I'm currently obsessed with Kygo. His remixes transport me to a hot, sandy beach, sipping a cocktail, eating fresh fruit, wearing a neon bikini and some duo-chorme shades (it's a very detailed images going on here...) and it keeps me so motivated. Some of my favourites are I See Fire, Sexual Healing and No Diggity, check them out of YouTube, it'll either get you up and going or can be mega relaxing too. 

GMYSPO - Lydia Elise Millen! Not only does she have the most to die for blog, she has one hot bod and she works very hard to maintain that. Her instagram snaps in her bedroom mirror are enough to get me in the gym, let alone her motivational posts with photos, tips and tricks. Have a snoop on her blog here.

SMOOTHIE - As the sun has started making more of an appearance I've got back into making smoothies for breakfast. I've been dreaming about the one I made this morning all day, Mango & Strawberry - recipe will be in a blog post!

CROSS TRAINER - I've never been a runner. I just can't break through 'the wall' to keep going and it's actually recommended that people with hyper-mobility do less 'high impact' sports to reduce strain. I wanted to shake things up a bit, so I tried out the Cross Trainer and i love it! I can do it for a long time, I can really feel it working, it gets my heart rate going and I don't feel any strain in my silly bendy joints!

What's getting you motivated to work out? 

Friday 15 May 2015

Vanilla Pod {Brighton}

On the hunt for a places to soothe our poor hungover heads with breakfast and coffee, Fran and I stumbled upon Vanilla Pod.

We'd both passed it a few times, but never ventured inside, we're so glad we did. It's decorated very sweetly with fresh flowers on tables, cool jar lights hanging from the ceiling and vintage looking dressers with teapots and teacups on.

After reading the menu, a difficult decision later, we opted for two iced coffee and two full english  breakfast.

How good do they sound? Might have to pop back for one of those this week... 
They had a delicious looking array of cakes, lots of gluten free and vegan ones too!

We watched as the lovely woman made our iced coffee, which were without a doubt the best ones we've ever tasted. We asked how they made them, it's a combination of a thai recipe and english recipe. In Thailand they use lots of condensed milk and powered milk, due to a lack of fresh milk being available. This being a lot sweeter, and the combination with fresh milk and fresh coffee, makes their ice coffees super sweet and creamy. Served in glass jars with a handle is was a perfectly sweet pick me up! 

Two poached eggs, granary toast, cherry vine tomatoes, thick bacon, Lincolnshire sausages, field mushrooms and homemade baked beans. It hit the spot perfeclty and felt very luxurious for an english breakfast, nothing like a greasy full english from a local cafe, it was absolutely delicious. The homemade baked beans tasted incredible with strong flavours of (what I thought to be) barbecue and tomato. I would have taken more photos but I was ravenous and got stuck right in... oops! 

It will definitely be a spot I'll keep going back too. Perfect for if I have some guest visiting or the boyfriend and I feel like a treat one morning, lunch time, afternoon or tea time! 

You can find Vanilla Pod at 52 Lansdowne Place, Hove, BN3 1FG.

Go over to their Facebook or Twitter and try not to drool looking at all their photos of their cakes! 


Wednesday 13 May 2015

Honeysuckle & Narcissus Candle

Back in November, my lovely Henry bought me this candle as one of our anniversary presents. I was delighted as he'd actually listened to me whilst I rambled on in Oliver Bonas a few weeks before, just randomly pointing out nice things! 

It's the Honeysuckle and Narcissus candle from Oliver Bonas. It has a very clean, fresh, spring-like smell, which is why I've waiting such a long time to burn it! I think it smells like fresh florals, not like rose or lavender, a little more like magnolia - That's what it reminds me of anyway! (Don't worry, I won't be taking a job in 'smell describing'!)

It burns for 30-40 hours and burn it for two hours the first two times to make sure it burns down evenly. 
I'm so happy to finally have this fragrance filling my room! I think it's a perfect present for anyone special and it's very affordable at £16.50! 


Monday 11 May 2015

Brighton Food Festival

Last Monday, it was 'G & Frans Day Of Fun!' so we thought we would take ourselves down to Hove Lawns to go to the Brighton Food Festival. 

We like festivals and we love food, so there wasn't much saying no when a friends band asked if anyone wanted to come along! 

A Pimms bar in the shape of a teapot had us sold! We opted for blackberry and elderflower Pimms, it was absolutely delicious and I'll definitely be drinking a lot of it this summer. There was a lot of fancy cucumber twirling and mint sprigging going on with this chap, we were impressed! 

Suitably satisfied, we said hello to some friends and went off on the hunt for testers before we watched the band, Frankie Furlow do their thing! 

If you're looking for nibbles and trying lots of new things then you'd absolutely love it here. We tried all sorts; mojito fudge, feta cheese, olives, Candy Kittens sweets, raspberry gin, even some beef jerky... 

Really regretting not picking up some of these pastries and other little delights.

Feeling full we went back to to the stage to watch Frankie Furlow. I've had their songs stuck in my head ever since, they're seriously catchy! Keep an eye out for my vlog if you'd like to hear them or you can listen to them on their SoundCloud here!

I'll definitely be heading back there next year and hopefully the sun will make an appearance too! 

I'm feeling hungry after those food photos now, anyone else?!

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