Wednesday 27 May 2015

Las Iguanas {Brighton}

Despite not being a spice lover, I absolutely love Mexican food. Make me fajitas and I'll be yours forever! That, and the fact it was Happy Hour all night long was the perfect excuse for a meal out with two friends, Fran & Abi. We headed to Las Iguanas in Brighton, having seen a few photos of the food and cocktails a week before. I think it's actually Latin, not just Mexican, but there's something for every on the menu from burgers to nachos to burritos. 

It was 2-4-1 Cocktails during Happy Hour, so we indulged. Two Pina Coladas, two Passion Fruit Fizz' and two Mango Collins. They were incredible - fruity, sweet, sour and damn right delicious. 

We ordered, chatted away and before we knew it food had arrived, Fajitas for Fran and I, a chicken burger for Abi. Brought the table sizzling on the hot plate, with a platter of dips and warm wraps, it smelt incredible. We tucked in straight away and it was, indeed, incredible! 

Mains done, we went for dessert AND another cocktail too, girls night out and all that. I've been dreaming of he dessert ever since, their Creamy Caramel Cake; layers of soaked sponge & caramelised cream, drizzled with dulce de leche, topped with more caramelised cream and blueberries... Uhhhmazing. 

We topped off our meal with lots of giggles and an Island Margarita each, leaving these three girls super happy! I'd definitely recommend a trip to Las Iguanas, especially in Happy Hour if you love a cocktail (or three!)



  1. The food looks delicious - might have to check it out next time I'm in Brighton! x

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