Thursday 31 March 2016

March Favourites 2016

It's that time again! Watch my new video to here a little run down on my favourites this month. 

Also, Pinkies up apparently...

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Friday 25 March 2016

Hello Easter Weekend

It's Easter Weekend! 

I've spent my Good Friday spring cleaning with mum, ticking off the To Do list and tying up loose ends so I can shut my laptop this evening and keep it closed until Monday!

Car cleaned; inside and out
Tyre air pressure checked
Next weeks video filmed
Easter eggs bought & ready to be hidden and hunted on Sunday!
Full english food purchased ready for a lazy morning.
Interviews answered (nothing big, just helping out friends!)

I'm so looking forward to this weekend! Henry and I are heading back to Brighton tomorrow to spend the day with our friends, James and Amy. I think the plan is shopping, good food and drinks! Easter Sunday I'll be cooking up a big breakfast for the four of us, then going home to spend the day with family. My brother and his girlfriend are coming back home and the whole families coming over. There'll be Easter egg hunts, delicious roasts and without a doubt lots of laughs. We haven't got anything planned for Easter Monday yet, so we shall see! 

What have you got planned this weekend?

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Brighton Blog Meet!

On Saturday, I headed to The Globe for a blogger meet up! Hosted by the lovely Laura from Lola & Behold, it gave a bunch of bloggers the chance to meet and make friends, chat all afternoon and network with some lovely brands too. 

Pure Potions formulate products that are perfect with people with dry skin. Fragrance free, paraben free and not tested on animals, these products only use natural oils, rather than chemicals so you'll know exactly what is going on your skin! 

Pure Potions Products
Pure Potions Products
Pure Potions Products

I fell totally in love with these gorgeous homeware pieces from Home & Lifestyle store, Homage. Nestled in Seven Dials there's some absolutely beautiful and unique items for sale. The notebooks below are to die for and apparently there's matching wrapping paper, so I know where I'll be heading when I'm next in need!

Musk Candle from Homage
Mugs & Bowls from Homage
Canvas Bags from Homage
Marbled Notebooks from Homage
Wooden Vases from Homage
Body Butters from Homage
Soaps from Homage
Blue Throw from Homage

I love a good snack whilst I'm editing, essay writing, procrastinating or just bored and these Snact goodies are perfect! Tackling food waste head on, they're made with the bits of fruit that are too ugly, too small, too big or just not good enough for your perfect supermarket fruit. This is dehydrated fruit is delicious, vegan, gluten free and 100% fruit!

Snact Fruit Jerky
Snact Fruit Jerky
Snact Fruit Jerky
Goody Bags

We were very generously given some goody bags before we left, crammed full of wonderful bits. You can see me delving into the goody bag in my new Weekly Vlog! A big thank you to the following brands for the goodies...

I had such a fantastic time at the #BtonBlogMeet, met the loveliest blogging girls - who I already can't wait to catch up with again! 


Friday 18 March 2016

Over-The-Knee Boots

If you want to feel like your legs go on for days, you need a paid of Over The Knee Boots in your life! The most practical boots these are not, I'll admit, but for dinner dates or drinks with the girls, these are perfect. These were a present, but you can snap them up for only £35 from Public Desire.

White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots
Over The Knee Boots Close Up
Face Close Up
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots

I went for boots with a slightly thicker heel, rather than a stiletto heel, so they were slightly more practical, I wouldn't fall over when I walk with Henry at lightning speed (his walking speed is practically a small jog for me....) and I just knew I'd be more comfortable and less wobbly with a chunkier heel.


Pairing with Black High Waisted Skinnies and an Oversized White Shirt, these boots instantly turn a casual outfit into something a little more chic and sophisticated.White shirt, Close Up
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots

- - o u t f i t  d e t a i l s - -

Bag - Primark
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Belt - Dorothy Perkins

 White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots
White Shirt, Black Jeans & Over The Knee Boots

What's you go-to item to make an outfit a little more chic?


Wednesday 16 March 2016

10 Ways to Get Your Motivation Back!

Second term blues getting you down? I feel ya. 
HEre's my tips on how to shake that feeling and get back on the motivation train!



Monday 14 March 2016

Sunday Strollin'

I wanted to share some photos from my perfect Sunday. Henry & I woke up, headed for brunch with friends, then took the bright sunshine and warm spring air as an opportunity to spend the rest of the day outside. I like to think Sunday's are for long walks, lots of food, time with friend and relaxing, but in the city - sometimes I find that hard. I just associate Sundays with the countryside and being at home, cities are so non-stop that sometimes there's no 'sunday' feeling, just the horrible one you get before bed.

But, yesterday was different. 

We walked all the way along the seafront, stopping in little shops and museums we'd previously taken for granted and never acknowledged. We sauntered through the laines snooping in every junk shop, antique shop and homeware store we could find. We sipped delicious coffees from The Flour Pot bakery (I need to go back there and try every cake). We sat on the warm stones, filtering through for little bright pieces of sea glass. I used to search for it with my Granny on every seaside holiday when I was little, I had a hawk eye for it and it turns out I still do! We walked home just feeling so happy, content and relaxed.

More Sundays like this one, please. 
Brighton West Pier
Brighton Pier & flock of birds
Brighton Fishing Museum Sign
Beach Hut Decorations
Henry in Brighton Fishing Museum

Brighton Pavillion
Brighton Pavillion
The Flour Pot Bakery Exterior
Cakes in The Flour Pot Bakery
Pastries in The Flour Pot Bakery
The Flour Pot Bakery
Savoury Treats In The Flour Pot Bakery
Hummingbird Cake
Treats in The Flour Pot Bakery
Coffee Cups
The Flour Pot Bakery Sign
Henry Looking through Records
Henry Looking through Records
Henry drinking coffee

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