Monday 14 March 2016

Sunday Strollin'

I wanted to share some photos from my perfect Sunday. Henry & I woke up, headed for brunch with friends, then took the bright sunshine and warm spring air as an opportunity to spend the rest of the day outside. I like to think Sunday's are for long walks, lots of food, time with friend and relaxing, but in the city - sometimes I find that hard. I just associate Sundays with the countryside and being at home, cities are so non-stop that sometimes there's no 'sunday' feeling, just the horrible one you get before bed.

But, yesterday was different. 

We walked all the way along the seafront, stopping in little shops and museums we'd previously taken for granted and never acknowledged. We sauntered through the laines snooping in every junk shop, antique shop and homeware store we could find. We sipped delicious coffees from The Flour Pot bakery (I need to go back there and try every cake). We sat on the warm stones, filtering through for little bright pieces of sea glass. I used to search for it with my Granny on every seaside holiday when I was little, I had a hawk eye for it and it turns out I still do! We walked home just feeling so happy, content and relaxed.

More Sundays like this one, please. 
Brighton West Pier
Brighton Pier & flock of birds
Brighton Fishing Museum Sign
Beach Hut Decorations
Henry in Brighton Fishing Museum

Brighton Pavillion
Brighton Pavillion
The Flour Pot Bakery Exterior
Cakes in The Flour Pot Bakery
Pastries in The Flour Pot Bakery
The Flour Pot Bakery
Savoury Treats In The Flour Pot Bakery
Hummingbird Cake
Treats in The Flour Pot Bakery
Coffee Cups
The Flour Pot Bakery Sign
Henry Looking through Records
Henry Looking through Records
Henry drinking coffee



  1. Gorgeous photos, Georgia! They make me want to pay another visit to Brighton ASAP! I feel the same way as you about Sundays, I always associate them with walks and being outside, but it's nice that you've managed to find some balance while still living in the city :) xx

    Beth | Alphabeth

    1. Aww thank you! It was so strange, it was such a busy day in Brighton, but I just felt so calm finding all the quiet little corners :) x


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