Monday 29 October 2018

Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is my favourite season, so every time it rolls around I get completely stuck into any activity I possibly can. One of my absolute faves (and the entirety of Instagram too by the looks of it...) is to go Pumpkin picking. 

PYO farms have been a favourite of mine ever since I was little, frequently visiting Tulley's Farm with my grandparents to pick strawberries, raspberries and any other goods we could get our hands on. There's something I find so exciting about picking something so bright/colourful/tasty that's come from the ground and searching for the best ones you can find. 

This year, Tulley's Farm introduced a Pumpkin Patch so I headed there with Jasmin and Josh to pick our prize pumpkins! 

Happy days xxx 


Wednesday 17 October 2018


So I've only gone and moved out of my family home and into an actual house with my boyfriend! 
It's been a blaaaaddy whirlwind for the past few weeks. 

From finding out the move was officially going ahead, to packing up my life into boxes, to moving in and building flatpack furniture, it all feels like a blur. 

Let's start with September. When we knew things were starting to get in motion with the house, I flew to Shanghai for a whistle-stop trip with work (just fyi, a trip to Shanghai and back can't really be done as a 'whistle-stop trip' without knocking you for six for a good few days!!!) It was so much fun and an the most incredible and fun experience, but a 12 hour flight, a day and a half in Shanghai and a 12 hour flight back is enough to write off the rest of the week! Back into the swing of things and things had progressed with the house so quickly. We were super busy at work, so it was all go go go. A week or so later Henry and I were in IKEA making grown up purchases and having a bicker over how big the TV should be. I took a week off over the move to get myself sorted and pack up 23 years of stuff (boyyy do I have a lot of stuff) into boxes. 
We moved on the 29th Sept, with the help of family and friends and it's now been nearly three weeks in our very happy, first home.

I filmed the whole process of moving out (for myself, more than anything!) and I'll be sharing more and more from corners of our home. It's super cosy, we have far more candles than necessary and I just love spending time here - as if I needed more excuses to have a night in! We've still got a spare room half full of random bits and boxes and very empty walls and spaces but it's coming together and looking great. We've had family and friends visit and I can't wait to have a house-warming with all our faves.

Lots more house content coming atcha...

G x

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