Thursday 27 November 2014

Wish/Want/Need 004

A few little bits I've been lusting after this month...

Rifle Paper Co. Calendar  - Always on the hunt for a great calendar at this time the year. I made the mistake of not asking for a specific one last christmas so have had a different picture of Keith Lemon to admire every month (Thanks Mum...) Spotted this one on the Rifle Paper Co. website and fell in love! 
Sweet Treats Waffle Maker  - Who doesn't like waffles? Need I say anymore... breakfast anyone?
Wildfox Sleep Mask - I never thought I'd say It, but I'm seems as though I am one of those people who needs complete darkness in order to sleep. If you're going to use something every night, why not make it luxury. This Wildfox one, although a little pricey, is gorgeous!
Grace Deep Plunge Velvet Skort Playsuit - I'm so into velvet at the moment. This little number looks like it'd be perfect for christmas! 
Knee High Boots - I'm seeing them everywhere at the moment and I'm desperate for a pair! Great with jeans, dresses and skirt! 
Livin' La Vida Vodka Hipflask - Basically, when I get drunk my DJ request will, without a doubt, be 'Livin La Vida Loca' - Ricky Martin.. So this is pretty perfect for party time. 

What are you loving at the moment?



Tuesday 25 November 2014

Update // It's Birthday Week!!

Yes, you heard it right, it's birthday week for me!

(I don't know the source for this, but if anyone does, please let me know! It's gorgeous & want to give credit where it's due!)

You see,  I'm 5 at heart and although I'll be turning 20... I find my birthday so ridiculously exciting that I make the most of it and make celebrations last a week! 

I'm a sucker for planning. But I also love surprises. So, I have to learn to be Miss. organised, but also let my friends (aka, the decorations committee) take the lead too...

I have an absolutely jam packed week, with auditions, hair appointments, dinners out, friends visiting, rehearsals, seeing family and obviously partying very hard, but I shall try my absolute best to keep little Love On The Wall in the loop.

There will be hundreds of photos, so be expecting a rather photo heavy post next week!

I will be vlogging my birthday weekend, which will be going up on my channel. next Wednesday!

 I also will be doing VLOGMAS! I'm going to do it in weekly videos, rather than daily as my life isn't exciting enough/I'm too busy to do daily vlogs!

Just a little update from a rather busy G! Now, I'm off for dinner with the Mr. & my family!


Saturday 22 November 2014

Home Sweet Home: Desk Space

My desk space...
A place for inspiration, determination and procrastination. 

I knew the moment I saw this room, that i wanted to have the perfect desk space. A bright, light and airy space, with a sea view from the window! 

I wrote this post a few months ago on Desk Space Inspiration, so I thought I'd update you on what I went for in the end. 

I picked up these gorgeous candle holders from Tiger for £3 each, an absolute bargain!

The wall is covered in photos of my nearest and dearest, cute decorations and postcards!

I love having flowers on my desk, brings a little bit of life into it! These white flowers were only £3 from Tesco and have lasted three weeks! The roses were from my wonderful man, for our anniversary. 

I absolutely love seeing interior posts, so link any in the comments below!



Wednesday 19 November 2014

Review // Graham & Brown, Dream Cushion

 The lovely people over at Graham & Brown sent me this gorgeous 'Dream Cushion'* this other day and I was so excited to receive it!

I love this cushion and looks perfect on my bed alongside my other cushions!

The gorgeous colours are a subtle mix between pastel and brights, nothing neon, just a nice pop of colour!

I'm a sucker for a motivational saying so 'Believe In Your Dreams' is a great little motto for me to have there, to see everyday.

It's 100% cotton, 50x50cm and super squishy and comfy and is £20.

I did find the cover creased quite easily (although, this could be due to me being a constant wriggler!) but as the cushion cover has a zip, it's easily removable to be washed or ironed, so isn't really a problem!

You can get this cushion yourself here, from the Graham & Brown website. There's some more beautiful cushions in their collection and some matching wall art too!

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.


Sunday 16 November 2014

NEW VIDEO // The Housemate Tag!

I roped my housemate, Fran into making a video with me! My first collab! 

Let me know your thoughts - Like, Comment and Subscribe! 



Thursday 13 November 2014

Birthday Dress... HELP!

I'm having a major dress dilemma. 

...and I'm being far more dramatic about it than I need to be, but it's my birthday so that's my excuse! 

I'm turning 20 this month (eeeek!) and I want to find a dress to wear that evening for a night out of fun with friends. 

These are a few of my favourites that I've spotted online and I'm off to Oxford Street next week on a hunt! 

This was the dress I reaaally wanted to wear. Blue & Green Sequin Dress From Rare London. Ordered it, was too big, sent it back, smaller size out of stock, pre-order of 21 days... noooooo! I don't have that long so I've had to put my dreams of this dress on a shelf and hunt for another one. 

I love this John Zack Plunge Neck Dress In Rose Jacquard! I wasn't too sure about the pattern at first, but it really grew on me. Only worry about this one is the deep plunging neckline. It's not always flattering on bigger boobs!

I've got a thing for sequins. I can't help it. I've tried to make it go away but I just can't. Something so satisfying about seeing hundreds of sequins together... just me? okay. I love this dress. Shiny Sequin Wrap Front Dress from BooHoo. The shoulder pads give a bit of an edge and the V-neck reveals a little cleavage, but not too much. 

This was a favourite amongst my friends to wear on the night! Sequin Mini Party Dress in Black, I just want to stroke this dress, which is probably a little wired.. but it looks so smooth...! This one is an affordable, yet chic number from Fashion Union.

This little number is from Nasty Gal. Red Alert Metallic Shimmer Dress. I say little because there's not a lot of it really! I adore it but I think it's a bit too fleshy for me, also the plunge neckline/big boobs dilemma! It is so so gorgeous though, if only I had that confidence! 

Theres a few more options on my 'haveyouseen' Birthday Dress Collection, click here to have a snoop! 

I'm off to Oxford Street in a few days to do some more browsing! 

One thing I have learnt from this is that I am SO indecisive! 

*I do not own any of these images


Monday 10 November 2014

More Positivity Please!

Recently I've found that people are being pretty negative. Myself included.

It's so easy to get bogged down by the little things and get stuck in a rut. One thing sets me off and it all goes to pot. Lie ins are probably the worst trigger for me, I wake up later than planned and my whole day is out of sync.

Sometimes I let other peoples negativity get to me as well, which can be hard to prevent, but at the end of the day shouldn't affect me like it does. Constant moaning or rants from others can really get me down and isn't something I like to have around me all the time. 

Time to turn 'DON'T' into 'DO'! 

DON'T snooze your alarm for hours //// DO get up when your alarm goes off. Start your day!
DON'T keep eating rubbish foods //// DO eat healthier foods. Treats are treats for a reason.
DON'T compare yourself to others //// DO focus on yourself and your own goals.
DON'T pick out flaws all the time //// DO pick out your unique points, see your own beauty.
DON'T moan or put off exercise //// DO think of the rewards.
DON'T put off that looming work //// DO think about how great it'll feel when finished!

Other posts I've written that are on a similar wavelength are 'Live a Little' for the over thinkers among us. Also, 'That 'Feel Good' Feeling' for top tips to shake those blues.

What would your DO'S be?

Saturday 8 November 2014

Autumn Colours

Autumn is home to some of my favourite colour combinations. They all scream autumn to me; rusty reds, burnt oranges, deep greens, subtle yellows and soft browns.

Every time I come home the seasons seem to have changed even more, there seems to be a drastic change every time! Living by the seaside, I don't tend to see the seasons changing as much as I do at home. I miss seeing forests of leaves change colour, crunchy leaves covering the ground, frost on deep green blades of grass and the orangey glow of the sun on autumn trees. 

I knew I had to capture the moment and savour it whilst at home. 

I took my camera out on a bitterly cold afternoon, in between rain showers, to snap some autumn blooms, colour changing leaves and temperamental skies.


Tuesday 4 November 2014

Missguided Buys

Starting into my wardrobe, I flicked through summer dress after summer dress and decided I needed to pick up a few autumn staples. 

I browsed through a few sites and settled on one of my favourites, Missguided!

Normally pretty dangerous for me to go on there as I spot piece after piece I want to put in my basket... but I have to resist and only select a few. 

This off the shoulder jumper is suuuper comfy. With a neckline that allows you to have either shoulder out, or even it propped on the edge of both of your shoulders it's very easy to wear.
I love pairing it with jeans and my wine coloured floppy hat from Topshop, chic yet comfortable! You can purchase this comfy jumper here!

I have had my eye on high neck tops for a while, but I wasn't sure how flattering they would be on me. I am so glad I purchased this number from Missguided. It's so flattering! Comfy and goes with pretty much everything. They sell it in a variety of colours too. It's probably best to wear a bra with adaptable straps in you don't like them showing with this top, it looks a lot better (I didn't think about this for these photos...!) Get your hands on it here!

The main thing I actually went searching for were some autumn/winter day dresses. This a-line dress with a turtle neck really stood out to me as I haven't got anything like it already. After a very long time of flittering between the black, teal and grey... I decided to go for black. You can't go wrong with it and everyone needs a little black dress!

Had to defy the rather strong sea breeze... 

Now I've got these beauties, it's gonna be hard to get me wearing anything else !

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