Saturday 8 November 2014

Autumn Colours

Autumn is home to some of my favourite colour combinations. They all scream autumn to me; rusty reds, burnt oranges, deep greens, subtle yellows and soft browns.

Every time I come home the seasons seem to have changed even more, there seems to be a drastic change every time! Living by the seaside, I don't tend to see the seasons changing as much as I do at home. I miss seeing forests of leaves change colour, crunchy leaves covering the ground, frost on deep green blades of grass and the orangey glow of the sun on autumn trees. 

I knew I had to capture the moment and savour it whilst at home. 

I took my camera out on a bitterly cold afternoon, in between rain showers, to snap some autumn blooms, colour changing leaves and temperamental skies.


1 comment

  1. You captured some beautiful shots! Autumn is a beautiful season xxxx


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