Monday 10 November 2014

More Positivity Please!

Recently I've found that people are being pretty negative. Myself included.

It's so easy to get bogged down by the little things and get stuck in a rut. One thing sets me off and it all goes to pot. Lie ins are probably the worst trigger for me, I wake up later than planned and my whole day is out of sync.

Sometimes I let other peoples negativity get to me as well, which can be hard to prevent, but at the end of the day shouldn't affect me like it does. Constant moaning or rants from others can really get me down and isn't something I like to have around me all the time. 

Time to turn 'DON'T' into 'DO'! 

DON'T snooze your alarm for hours //// DO get up when your alarm goes off. Start your day!
DON'T keep eating rubbish foods //// DO eat healthier foods. Treats are treats for a reason.
DON'T compare yourself to others //// DO focus on yourself and your own goals.
DON'T pick out flaws all the time //// DO pick out your unique points, see your own beauty.
DON'T moan or put off exercise //// DO think of the rewards.
DON'T put off that looming work //// DO think about how great it'll feel when finished!

Other posts I've written that are on a similar wavelength are 'Live a Little' for the over thinkers among us. Also, 'That 'Feel Good' Feeling' for top tips to shake those blues.

What would your DO'S be?

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