Sunday, 2 November 2014

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

It has been a craaaazy busy week, hoping things will settle down a little this week! I need my sleep!

(Read #5 for this one! Melts my heart just a little!)

1.  One year with Henry. He makes me so happy, I'm a very lucky girl.

2. Halloween! So much fun with friends all weekend. Sweet treats, blood stained costumes and lots of laughs.

3. My little brother turning 7. He's still a little bubba in my eyes... and forever will be!

4. Triple Chocolate Apples. so good. 

5. Receiving a beautiful bouquet of red roses from my Mr, as a pre-anniversary/'thanks for tidying the flat' gift. The best of surprises!

6. Pinning photos, postcards, pictures and pretty pieces above my desk space. It's really starting to take shape. Will blog about it soon.

7. Hello November! It's birthday month and autumn is in full swing, I love it.

8. Getting up on stage in my lecture the other day, despite some sudden nerves and negativity and giving my all on a song. Turned out to be so pleased with my performance. Some people really know what to do/say to give you that boost :)

9. Sunset's at the beach. I'll never get over it.

10. My giant oversized scarf from Accessorize. I'm obsessed with it, perfect for wrapping up in when the chill gets to you! (Although, I am aware I look like the crazy lady who brought a blanket out with her...)

What made you happy this week?


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