Thursday 30 October 2014

Halloween Treats!

We're going all out this Halloween! Myself and my friends are all super excited so have lots of plans! 

Friday night, we're dressing up, getting drunk and heading out. 

Obviously I needed some spooky beverages to get me through the evening.

'Pina Ghoulada' (geddit?!) being my drink of choice!

50ml Pineapple Juice
1 tablespoon Coconut Cream (Surprising hard to find... will see if coconut milk works!)
50ml Rum (I couldn't find the one I wanted in time to take these photos... so just pretend it's there!)
1 tablespoon Sugar 
Pineapple Slice (Decoration - Optional)

Shake it all up and you're ready to go!

I've also made Jelly Shots for everyone to enjoy.

These are simple, just jelly, vodka and water.

I'll leave you to work out the measurements of each thing... it took Fran & I a while..


On the saturday night to soothe our poor hungover heads, we're having a big scary movie night!

Films, friends, takeaways and lots of snacks. Can't really ask for much more!

I spotted some wonderful looking 'Triple Halloween Chocolate Apples' on Cider With Rosie and I am so excited to give them a go!

I'll also be making these funky 'Spooky Boo Brownies' that I spotted on the Betty Crocker website! 

I'm being naughty and using a box mix... but I'm a student, so it's allowed. 

Whip up a batch of brownies, place the marshmallows on top! I'm melting some white chocolate over the top too! 

Sweetie Skewers to stick in one of the pumpkins for great decoration and food! 

We bought a few decorations for the flat too. We thought we may as well go all out and make the most of this spooky weekend!

Pumpkins are carved and ready to be displayed in all their glory with tea-lights in!

Check out my spooky pumpkin carving video below!

What are you plans? Whatever they are, have a good Halloween! 

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  1. Can I just come round and join in because all these ideas are fabulous and I'm kinda drooling! Xxxx


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