Sunday 26 October 2014

Little Loves: Autumn

Autumn is quite possibly my favourite season.

This morning I woke up a felt a proper Autumn chill in the air.

Crunchy burnt orange, faded brown and rusty red leaves scattering the pavements and grass.
Hot chocolates, the works of course
Knitted scarfs, jumpers, dresses, cardigans, hats... knitted everything! 
Getting all dressed up with your friends for Halloween
Hot drinks, burgers and sparklers on fireworks night
A new winter wardrobe
Candles, everywhere. Filling the room with wonderful smells
Pumpkins, Toffee Apples and Marshmallows
Carving Pumpkins 
Cuddles on rainy days in
Long, cold, crisp walks
Salted caramel everything
Collecting conkers
Just simply being cosy.

What do you love about Autumn?


  1. Your description <3 autumn and winter are by far the best seasons xxxx

  2. All of this. ♥ I've been loving the morning chills especially! I can't wait 'til it gets cold enough for my kitty to want snuggles all the time.

    1. Ahh, i miss my cat so much when I'm at uni. Cuddles with him are the best, makes me feel all cosy!


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