Tuesday 21 October 2014

o u t f i t {halloween edition}

It's nearly halloween!

Time for those tricky questions... Who do I go as? What do I wear? Do I go for scary? Do I go for sexy? Do I go for cute?

I thought I'd put together a few outfits on 'Polyvore' of some 'classic' halloween looks in a slightly more stylised and sophisticated way. 

A sexy, yet sophisticated take on a  Vampire look. The splashes of blood red will tie this look together. Tanya Burr's lipgloss in 'Vampire Kiss' is perfect for a vampy pout and the red contacts will freak people out all night long. 

A round, shiny, bright orange pumpkin outfit isn't the most attractive of outfits to wear for halloween. This look will be made by your make up, freak people out with dark black eye makeup and black lips. Go bold and be brave with that, it's halloween! 

An LBD, cat ears and some draw on whiskers and you're pretty much there with this look. (Take a look at Niomi Smarts fab tutorial for that!) The extras are just there to make it more exciting, but this look an be achieved with things you probably already have stored in your wardrobe and make up draws. Not scary, but very cute. 

We've all seen Liz Hurely in Bedazzeled (If not, google it now... Seen it? Get what I'm on about? Good.) We don't want to paint our faces red and prance about in red tights all night so this is a great alternative. You'll feel fab in the red dress and heels but still have the 'devil' touches. Like the cat outfit, it's quite a simple one, but this is the sexier option! 

I get it if you don't want to be wearing a glittery, itch black dress from the fancy dress shop. This little number is a stylish solution. Wearing a deep purple, with black accessories throughout adds a nice touch of colour to the outfit and makes it a bit more fancy than just black. 

So you won't look terrifying in any of these outfits, but you will feel fab and still look cool whilst sticking to the 'rules' of halloween, as it were. 

Head on over to my Polyvore here


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