Friday 11 May 2018

April Favourites

A slightly late April Favourites! Style, candles, podcasts, Netflix, lifestyle and beauty faves - all things I really loved throughout the last month. 

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Tuesday 1 May 2018

April Moments

I know, I know - it's been weeks since I last tapped away at my keyboard and shared a little slice of my life with you. This year I've been working really hard, a lot has changed and things are really exciting (I'm sure I'll share a little more when things have settled a bit. Soz to be so secretive.)

April has been full of fun moments and my phone is full of happy snapshots from the month, so I thought I'd go back to basics and share them with you.

Starting with a sunny Friday spent strolling around Notting Hill at the start of the month. It was the first real hint of Spring we had after the what seemed never ending Winter. I took a gazillion blossom photos, we walked miles and enjoyed the sun.

For my little brothers birthday, I promised him a trip to the science museum. He'd been eagerly awaiting our trip since November and I finally managed to sneak him off for a day in his Easter holidays (the kid is hella busy!) Spending a day with the baby bro I've watched grow into a hilarious and charming little man was the best. The Wonderlab was out favourite bit, so much to see and do! 

Mayhem at the Macaron Masterclass with The Crow Kitchen. After doing some photography work with them recently, myself and Hen's family took part in a masterclass to learn how to make macarons. It was madness with a lot of laughter and so much fun. A vvv. good girls day! (Surprisingly me and Em make a baking dream team, who knew?!)

Celebrating this Wonder Woman's 30th birthday. Polly is the most inspiring and fun-loving babe I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She quite honestly is a shining light to everyone lucky enough to know her - celebrating her turning flirty 30 was the best!

 Summer rearing it's head a little early and bringing a beaut Spring Heatwave. After the Beast from the East taunting us so close to the end of Winter the heatwave was a warm (or should I say hot?) welcome! Basking in the sunshine - with a rhubarb G&T - was nothing but glorious! That weekend we lazed in the garden with the pups and friends, celebrated a birthday and I took photos of yet more blossom because I'm totally predictable (but just LOOK at the colour of it!)

Rounding off April, Henry and I spent the entire weekend together and it was just what we needed. We don't get to see each other too often at the moment and in all honesty we just wanted some quality time together. We popped back to Brighton on Saturday - our favourite place! We filled up on Mexican food and wandered the streets we know all too well. Henry ended up getting his first tattoo (eek!) but I wasn't allowed to watch, but luckily the stars aligned my best friend Charlie happened to be in Btown with an hour to kill, so we met for spontaneous catch ups and cocktails. I had an Amaretto Sour, a new fave. Hen and I headed home, tipsy heads and sore tattoo'ed arms in tow and I finally convinced him to watch The Greatest Showman with me. Absolute shock horror he actually enjoyed it! Don't think he's so keen on having the soundtrack on repeat though, baby steps...

And that's a wrap for April! There's been lots of exciting times and hard work finally paying off. I think I'll write more posts like these, it felt quite natural, simple and back to blogging basics - I like it! 

What did you get up to in April?
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