Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Wish/Want/Need 005 {fitness edition}

So I've been totally M.I.A recently, I'm sorry! Life's been pretty hectic and university work has just built up a little. I'm off for easter in two weeks, so I shall spend my time blogging and hopefully basking in spring sunshine! 

With a little time to spare, I thought I'd share my latest fitness wants! I'm really into going to the gym at the moment so I want a little gym-drobe update. These things have really caught my eye! In the words of my darling boyfriend 'You're working out, it's not a fashion show'... True, buuuuut who doesn't want to feel good whilst they work out? Certainly not me, so out with boring, simple greys and blacks, in with some neons and pops of colour! 

Lorna Jane Phone Holder  from Active In Style - I'm always unsure of where to put my phone when I work out. If I put it on the gym machines I worried I'll yank the headphones, it'll fall on the floor and smash the screen into a million pieces and and iPhone six is a liiiitle to big to go down the bra! This may be my solution!

Nike Pro Classic Gym Bra in Neon Yellow from ASOS - I love having a flash of neon in a workout outfit. I think this is down to associating working out with summer and neons with summer - you know, summer body and all that. Workout clothes can be quite plain so I like to shake things up a bit with a splash of colour!

Yoga Tights from H&M - I absolutely love H&M sportswear, it's comfy, affordable and looks great. I have a very similar pair of trousers to these but they're wide leg, so I'd really like to have a pair like this too! 

Active Cross Back Sports Bra in Mint from Missguided - Just. Look. At. It. It's so pretty! I love the detailing on the back and the colour is gorgeous. 

Believe, Achieve Sports Vest in White from New Look - I like to wear a longer, slightly baggy over the top of a sports bra so this one is perfect. I love the little motivational words on it too... always helps! 

Whats your workout wardrobe missing at the moment? 


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