Wednesday 4 March 2015

Emma Bridgewater Espresso Cup Candles

I thought I'd write a post to the two little beauties that are currently gracing my desk. These gorgeous Emma Bridgewater Espresso Cup Candles!

They're very cute, look lovely and smell delightful too! I love having candles lit every evening, something about the flicker of a flame just makes me feel relaxed and calm before a long sleep. 

For someone who is a liiittle mug obsessed, these are perfect. They were actually given to me as a gift - which is something I think they're perfect for! Also, once they've burnt down, you could pop a tea light of small candle in there!

I've seen lots of different designs of these, so if these ones don't take your fancy have a look around. I love these 'Toast & Marmalade' ones on Amazon. 


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