Friday 30 January 2015

Bohemian Vixen

Just look at that incredible wrist candy! 

I was sent this gorgeous 'Sonny Skull Bracelet'* from Bohemian Vixen. From a young girl who had an obsession with her grandma's jewellery box to a lovely lady designing and hand-making absolutely stunning and eye catching jewellery. 

With everything from  full on statement rings and body chains to subtle bracelets and earrings, there is a little something for everyone on the website. 

This stunning skull bangle would work with anything. As a dainty, yet slightly edgy touch to a delicate dress with buckle boots and a smart blazer. Or maybe an addition to a stack of bracelets with some black skinnies and a leather jacket. Keep your eyes out for it in a future outfit post to see how I wear it...

Bohemian Vixen accessories will have you ready to go for festival season or ready to party hard in Ibiza, especially as it's been featured in 'Essential Ibiza' guide, twice!

Available in 5 different colours & for only £11, this bangle is an absolute steal! Luckily for you lovely readers, I have a sneaky little discount code for 15% off: BVblog2015

I'm so tempted by the Bojana Cape. Go on, click the link, have a look... how incredible is it?!

Have a look at Bohemian Vixen for yourself :: Website/Shop :: Twitter :: Facebook

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me. All opinions on my own. 

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Pamper Evening Essentials

We all love a pamper evening. A chance to completely rejuvenate ourselves and to feel fresh.
These are my top pick and things to do on a pamper night...

Take it off. Clean. Cleanse! 
Start your pamper evening buy getting rid of the days germs. Have a bath or shower, use all your favourite products and really treat yourself! Light some candles and soak, or sing to your favourite songs in the shower. Take off your make up and take off any old nail varnish too. 

Time to Treat Yourself
Once you're done, use your favourite moisturiser. I use Creamy, Madly, Dreamy from Zoella Beauty which is super luxurious, but not to thick and heavy. I am not patient when it comes to moisturiser drying time. Treat yourself to a face mask to sort your skin out. I use Lush's Mask of Magnaminty which works wonders on my skin and... cracks superbly when you once your skin when it's dry. (I find this very satisfying before I take it off... it's the little things, ey!) After my skin has dried and I've given it a little time to breathe, I will apply my Garnier Essentials Hydrating face moisturiser. 

Give Your Nails Some Love. 
Pick out your favourite 'feel good' nail shade and really spend some time to do perfect a manicure. Do all the things you know you should do when painting your nails... but never can be bothered to do! This is the time to do any other little beauty bits, I'd pluck my eyebrows here too. 

Pick Your Treats Wisely!
Of course, no pamper evening would be complete without some snacks and something great on TV. Candles are obligatory, obviously. If you want this time to completely switch off, maybe listen to some music or read a good book. If you're happy to be 'online', maybe read some blogs, watch some griping episodes of PLL or do some online shopping. 

Relax & Enjoy! 

Sunday 25 January 2015

NEW VIDEO // Get Organised!

I've recently filmed a collaboration video with 'The Bloggers Hub' all about Organisation when it comes to Blogging & Making YouTube videos! I thought I'd write a blog post to go alongside it! The video has some of my own personal tips (& this blog post has a few extras!) There's no rules to blogging, I just find these make it easier for myself! 

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind :: I find having a tidy work space really helps keep things in check. My work space is in fact my living space, as I'm a student. So I try and keep my bedroom nice and tidy so I'm in a healthy work environment. 

Photos, Photos, Photos :: Take photos in bulk! If you've got 5 products to review, instead of doing them all separately, set up your lights or find the right natural light & background then shoot them all. It'll save you time and then you're ready and able to do the rest, on the go, if necessary. I always feel stumped if I haven't got the photos done first, they're the thing I have to do at home, the rest, I can do anywhere!

Schedule to your hearts content! :: I have found that scheduling tweets has made keeping up appearances on social media so much easier! I can catch audiences I wouldn't normally due to a lecture at that time or not waking up at that time every day (oooops!). Also, I've recently discovered that scheduling posts helps too, I just need to be on top of things enough to do them both to work in sync... I'll get there eventually!

To check out my other tips, watch my video below! 

The Bloggers Hub :: Website :: Twitter :: Youtube

Find Me Elsewhere :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Youtube



Thursday 22 January 2015

Instagram #2

floral desk space // sunshine over brighton // with mumma // birthday boots & brogues // fur ball // reunited with the cousins // blazing orange sunsets // scrumptious cakes at Juliets, Tunbridge Wells // winter sunsets // cosy socks & tea // red roses from the mr // workouts on the beach // being the hostess with the mostest // birthday boys with birthday cakes! // work on the balcony // with my man on his birthday. 


Tuesday 20 January 2015

OUTFIT // Stripes & A Splash of Red

We all have that outfit that we we can rely on 24/7, don't we?
Going out for lunch? It's great. 
Shopping for the day? It's a gooden.  
Rushing around, doing errands when out and about? Perfectly comfortable.
Swap boots for heels and the bag for a clutch and you could probably get away with it for a night out too. 
Just the perfect outfit for any occasion, super comfy & also one that makes you feel fabulous. 

Mine is...
Stripes, skinnies, a red bandana, red lips and of course, a feline flick. 

A simple outfit, with a splash of red. 

The details :: I love to throw in brown/tan where I can, as I love it, it works with nearly everything.

Tan Bag - Oasis (Scarf not included)
Rings - Accessorize
Brown Leather Belt - Dorothy Perkins


Sunday 18 January 2015


currently seeing

currently eating :: Skinny spaghetti. White cabbage boiled for 5-10 minutes, with a pinch of salt, Dad's bolognese recipe dolloped on top. The perfect dinner.

currently wearing :: ASOS ROAR Chelsea Ankle Boots. I haven't stopped wearing these since they landed in my porch. Comfy and look good with everything.

currently hearing :: I See Fire - Ed Sheeran (Kygo Remix). The most chilled, perfect song. I genuinely listened to it on repeat for hours last night...

currently seeing :: The view of the sea from my bedroom window. I will never get over it. Sunny or stormy it's mesmerising.

currently watching :: Pretty Little Liars. It's level with 90210 and Gossip Girl now, and that is saying something! I'm all up to date with Netflix now.. need. new. episodes.

currently doing :: Trawling the internet for healthy meal ideas & snack ideas. I just got back from a healthy food shop and I'm feeling fabulous!

A new kind of post for me, just a spur of the moment. I rather like it.

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Happy Birthday Henry!

I may be a little M.I.A this week! 
It's my wonderful boyfriends birthday today and we shall be celebrating all week! 
We're heading out to our favourite place, Jamie's Italian, for dinner this evening with his parents. Is it sad that I'm already excited about my 'Meat Plank' starter... mmmm (it's my absolute favourite thing, ever!)

Happy birthday you lovely man!
Feeling very lucky to be the girl that gets to spend special days like this with you. 
All the love in the world Mr. 

Friday 9 January 2015

Link Love

We all see those buzz feed lists, wonderful recipes and fabulous videos that we don't just want to bookmark and let them sit there, like old books on a dusty shelf, we want to share them! These are the little gems I've recently found and want to share with you on my little corner of the internet! 

1. 10 Things I Miss About Uni Nights Out - I've been home for nearly a month now, so I am very ready for a night on the town with my best friends. These couldn't be more true to life if they tried...  
2. Travelling Noodles - I'm on a Health kick this January, so these delicious noodles from The Londonder are perfect for a healthy lunch. Have a look at all her recipes, they'll have you drooling on the keyboard! 
3. How To Start a Project Life Scrapbook - I have been into scrapbooking all my life, so when I saw Lily Pebble's video, it was lovely to see that I'm not the only one. It's so lovely to have a book that is full to bursting with the happiest of memories. I've never used 'Project Life', that Lily uses, but I'm going to save up, as it looks so lovely and a little less time ( & Pritt Stick...) consuming! 
4. 25 New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Make - This really made me think. Some of these new years resolution suggestions are ones that a lot of people, including myself should think about doing! It's the little things we forget about!
5. 73 Questions With Blake Lively - This woman is my absolute idol and I love this video, by Vogue. She seems so fun and lovely (and she's just had a bubba!)
6. The Fitness Files - 'Vivianna does Makeup' literally my current fitness queen. Seriously, she did a 4 mile race at midnight in NYC on NYE, what a babe! (With her boyfriend. They vlogged. It was cute. I started to well up. Emotions are clearly running high. Watch her NYC vlog here!) Her videos and blog posts are very honest and fun to watch/read, not all about fitness though, which is a good thing! I'm not a fan of the whole 'cut sugar out of your diet completely, it's not good for you' thing, which I'm finding is the case with a lot of fitness/health blogs and YT channels at the moment. Anna is great inspo as she's dedicated, but realistic. If she really wants that meal at Homeslice, she'll have it! I'm also that kinda gal... 

Have you got any great internet finds to share?


Wednesday 7 January 2015

Happy & Healthy! {one}

Yoga Mat - Sports Direct, Trainers - Nike, Sports Bra/Top - H&M

If you've seen this video, you'll know my new years resolution is to lead a much happier and healthier lifestyle. I thought I'd start blogging about it to keep me motivated and hopefully motivate some of you too!

FOR THOSE TRICKY LUNCHTIMES - I find lunch times the hardest to stay healthy. I'm rushing between lectures and popping into Sainsbury's, grabbing a calorific sandwich, salty crisps and a sugary drink is far, far too easy! I spotted this gorgeous lunch time recipe on The Londoner and it's definitely one I'm going to try; Travelling Noodles!

MUSIC TO MOTIVATE - There is only one song to get me motivated right now, Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. If this doesn't get you up and jumping about, nothing will. Seriously feel good!

RAINY DAY RESOLUTIONS - I'm going to try my best to start power walking/jogging at least once a week (I live on the seafront... 'a bad view and no where to run' is no excuse!). Although, there will be no getting me out in the rain so January, this will be my go to indoor workout. Indoor workouts for me can't be as cardio based as my housemate below me will definitely think there's an earthquake... so i've gone for Yoga. BeFit GO Beach Body Full Length Powerhouse Yoga Routine, for 30 minutes, pretend you're on the beach with them and just focus on your workout.

NIBBLES, THE NON NAUGHTY ONES! - I have a serious sweet tooth so I have to fulfil my cravings. If I'm trying to resist the urge for sugar I shall dive into a carton of Cotton Candy Grapes. If you haven't these, get yourself some now. They are incredible and waaay better for you than the real thing!

INSPIRATION TIME - Lorna Jane has the most wonderful outlook on life with 'Active Living'. I purchased one of her books whilst in America (sadly Lorna Jane isn't in UK store, but avaiable online at Active in Style! Our equivalent would be Sweaty Betty!) and I swear by it. These ideas for a Quick Post Christmas Cleanse are great and just what I need after a rather food and drink heavy christmas! have a snoop around the Move, Nourish, Believe website, it's seriously good.

What are your way to motivate yourself?

Sunday 4 January 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

A Snoozy Sunday Snap

1. Planning lots of fashion posts. Lots of outfits looks are being planned, so keep your eyes peeled for those popping up soon...

2. New Years Eve. I pretty much went to an OAP disco with my boyfriend & friends. I'm talking disco lights, tinsel, finger buffet, the works... but we had the best night and partied until the early hours of 2015! 

3. Being reunited with my cousins. I hadn't seen them in nearly two years, so it was more than lovely to catch up. 

4. Frosty mornings and winter sunsets. So much beauty in a season that often gets overlooked for that.

5. Going 'background' shopping with mum. We maaay have raided some wallpaper samples for photography for my blog... ssshhh.

6. Pretty Little Liars in on UK Netflix. With new episodes every Thursday. They know how to please a girl...

7. BBC's Esio Trot. A gorgeous version of Roald Dahl's book, 'Esio Trot'. Made you laugh, smile and it tugged at your heartstrings a little. 

8. Gone Girl. Definitely the best film of 2014 for me. Watch it if you haven't already, it's craaacking. 

9. Purchasing a ticket for the Bloggers London Fashion Week 'Gossip Girl' Themed Dinner Party. I seriously can't wait to channel my inner Serena... 

10. Friends & Family time. So much time spent with my friends and family over Christmas & New Year and I have cherished every moment of it. 

What has made you happy this week? 


Saturday 3 January 2015

Hogwarts In The Snow

The most magical of days! 
A personal post, that one day I'll love to look back on.

I bought two tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for Henry & I for our anniversary! We jumped in the car, headed up the M25 and finally arrived at the exciting studios!

This is what happens when I ask Henry to take a photo of me... 'Henry, can you take a photo of me and the sign please?' *He takes photo, misses out the sign...*

The magic is there from start to finish, these huge doors open to reveal and wonderful and grand great hall in which you see so many costumes and props from the films. 

We moved on the sets, set after set of incredible details, magical moving props and very apt, christmas decorations! 

Henry admiring three of the same Harry Potter outfits, getting more distressed as they go on, for the final film. 

I just wanted to jump over the bars and smuggle this HP case home, not the most subtle of props to smuggle under my coat though..

Snape's Potions Class has potions bubbling away and bottles of magic all over the shop.

Not one detail was missed, even the littlest of things were thought about, like these sweet wrappers scattered on the books. 

The big mans office... 

A mirror selfie in the Mirror of Erised! 

Something felt so cosy about the Weasley's house! Which was contrasted by the chill of the section devoted to the Dark Arts. Notice Nagini slithering his way along the table. 

We headed outside to the the Knight bus, the flying car, the bridge and of course Harry Potters house. I knocked, the Dursleys weren't in...

The Animatronics Department was fascinating. Finding out how the make all the creepy crawly creatures scuttle about, how they make Hagrid so tall (which was the biggest 'mind-blow' moment, but I won't spoil the surprise!) and all the props for different animals and creatures.

The next two parts were my absolute favourites. 

DIAGON ALLEY! It's wonderful, I wish it was real, I'd spend all my time there. The details over every last little thing were amazing. 

Then a moment, which quite genuinely took my breath away and brought a tear to my eye... Hogwarts. 

I turned a corner and there it was, in all its smaller scale glory, but oh my, it was glorious. 

The music, the snow, the castle, everything. 

Then the tour came to an end. I didn't want to leave and wanted to buy everything in the shop, but resisted temptation.

I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, young or old, who enjoyed the Harry Potter films. It's a truly magical and unforgettable day and one that will have a special place in my heart! 


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