Thursday 1 January 2015

New Years Resolutions {2015}

1. Have a healthier lifestyle.
Tidy room, tidy mind. Healthy body, healthy mind. Organised mind, happy G!
I've been excited about this one since before christmas, but let myself enjoy the festive period without restrictions, so will be starting in 2015! Going to be doing a little blog series to keep me motivated too.

2. Blog like there is no tomorrow.
Starting my blog in 2013 has made me happier than ever, I thought it may be something I love for a while then the passion dies down, but that has not been the case. A year and half later I still look forward to taking photos and writing posts and the feeling of publishing a post I'm proud of fills me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. 2015 shall be the year of the blog, I want to up my blogging game, big time! 

3. Get rid of social media anxiety & overthinking.
This is the most ridiculous concept and shouldn't even be a thing, but unfortunately, it is. The anxieties that come with social media are crazy. I want to learn to exit the apps, turn off my phone, switch off my brain and enjoy my time without thinking about what so and so's mysterious tweet was about. 

4. Sing, write, perform & play. 
Seeing as I'm on a music degree you'd think this one would come easily, but I don't feel like I'm achieving enough outside of my course. I've already made baby steps towards this one in my first term, so it's all go from here!

5. Earn some money!
I want Summer 2015 to be a summer without restrictions. I want to be able to go on holidays, to go to London, to go to the pub, to fill my car up with petrol without the fear of checking my bank balance the next day!

So, there they are. They goals and targets for this year.

2015 is here & I am oh so excited!

What are your resolutions? Comment below, I'd love to know!


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