Saturday 3 January 2015

Hogwarts In The Snow

The most magical of days! 
A personal post, that one day I'll love to look back on.

I bought two tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for Henry & I for our anniversary! We jumped in the car, headed up the M25 and finally arrived at the exciting studios!

This is what happens when I ask Henry to take a photo of me... 'Henry, can you take a photo of me and the sign please?' *He takes photo, misses out the sign...*

The magic is there from start to finish, these huge doors open to reveal and wonderful and grand great hall in which you see so many costumes and props from the films. 

We moved on the sets, set after set of incredible details, magical moving props and very apt, christmas decorations! 

Henry admiring three of the same Harry Potter outfits, getting more distressed as they go on, for the final film. 

I just wanted to jump over the bars and smuggle this HP case home, not the most subtle of props to smuggle under my coat though..

Snape's Potions Class has potions bubbling away and bottles of magic all over the shop.

Not one detail was missed, even the littlest of things were thought about, like these sweet wrappers scattered on the books. 

The big mans office... 

A mirror selfie in the Mirror of Erised! 

Something felt so cosy about the Weasley's house! Which was contrasted by the chill of the section devoted to the Dark Arts. Notice Nagini slithering his way along the table. 

We headed outside to the the Knight bus, the flying car, the bridge and of course Harry Potters house. I knocked, the Dursleys weren't in...

The Animatronics Department was fascinating. Finding out how the make all the creepy crawly creatures scuttle about, how they make Hagrid so tall (which was the biggest 'mind-blow' moment, but I won't spoil the surprise!) and all the props for different animals and creatures.

The next two parts were my absolute favourites. 

DIAGON ALLEY! It's wonderful, I wish it was real, I'd spend all my time there. The details over every last little thing were amazing. 

Then a moment, which quite genuinely took my breath away and brought a tear to my eye... Hogwarts. 

I turned a corner and there it was, in all its smaller scale glory, but oh my, it was glorious. 

The music, the snow, the castle, everything. 

Then the tour came to an end. I didn't want to leave and wanted to buy everything in the shop, but resisted temptation.

I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, young or old, who enjoyed the Harry Potter films. It's a truly magical and unforgettable day and one that will have a special place in my heart! 




  1. Aw this looks like an amazing day! Such a cute way to spend an anniversary too :) I've been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour once but I'd so love to see it around Christmas time xx

    Beth | Alphabeth

    1. Aww thank you, was a lovely day! Ah, definitely go at christmas, it's so pretty! x


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