Sunday 25 January 2015

NEW VIDEO // Get Organised!

I've recently filmed a collaboration video with 'The Bloggers Hub' all about Organisation when it comes to Blogging & Making YouTube videos! I thought I'd write a blog post to go alongside it! The video has some of my own personal tips (& this blog post has a few extras!) There's no rules to blogging, I just find these make it easier for myself! 

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind :: I find having a tidy work space really helps keep things in check. My work space is in fact my living space, as I'm a student. So I try and keep my bedroom nice and tidy so I'm in a healthy work environment. 

Photos, Photos, Photos :: Take photos in bulk! If you've got 5 products to review, instead of doing them all separately, set up your lights or find the right natural light & background then shoot them all. It'll save you time and then you're ready and able to do the rest, on the go, if necessary. I always feel stumped if I haven't got the photos done first, they're the thing I have to do at home, the rest, I can do anywhere!

Schedule to your hearts content! :: I have found that scheduling tweets has made keeping up appearances on social media so much easier! I can catch audiences I wouldn't normally due to a lecture at that time or not waking up at that time every day (oooops!). Also, I've recently discovered that scheduling posts helps too, I just need to be on top of things enough to do them both to work in sync... I'll get there eventually!

To check out my other tips, watch my video below! 

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  1. Scheduling posts is a life saver for me! I've recently started scheduling tweets once a post is set to schedule, too - so much easier!!

    Jess xo

    1. Yeah, it seriously helps manage things! It all just happens whilst you're out and about! haha! x

  2. Hi Georgia! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award tag! You can read about it here-

    Have a great week!


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