Wednesday 7 January 2015

Happy & Healthy! {one}

Yoga Mat - Sports Direct, Trainers - Nike, Sports Bra/Top - H&M

If you've seen this video, you'll know my new years resolution is to lead a much happier and healthier lifestyle. I thought I'd start blogging about it to keep me motivated and hopefully motivate some of you too!

FOR THOSE TRICKY LUNCHTIMES - I find lunch times the hardest to stay healthy. I'm rushing between lectures and popping into Sainsbury's, grabbing a calorific sandwich, salty crisps and a sugary drink is far, far too easy! I spotted this gorgeous lunch time recipe on The Londoner and it's definitely one I'm going to try; Travelling Noodles!

MUSIC TO MOTIVATE - There is only one song to get me motivated right now, Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. If this doesn't get you up and jumping about, nothing will. Seriously feel good!

RAINY DAY RESOLUTIONS - I'm going to try my best to start power walking/jogging at least once a week (I live on the seafront... 'a bad view and no where to run' is no excuse!). Although, there will be no getting me out in the rain so January, this will be my go to indoor workout. Indoor workouts for me can't be as cardio based as my housemate below me will definitely think there's an earthquake... so i've gone for Yoga. BeFit GO Beach Body Full Length Powerhouse Yoga Routine, for 30 minutes, pretend you're on the beach with them and just focus on your workout.

NIBBLES, THE NON NAUGHTY ONES! - I have a serious sweet tooth so I have to fulfil my cravings. If I'm trying to resist the urge for sugar I shall dive into a carton of Cotton Candy Grapes. If you haven't these, get yourself some now. They are incredible and waaay better for you than the real thing!

INSPIRATION TIME - Lorna Jane has the most wonderful outlook on life with 'Active Living'. I purchased one of her books whilst in America (sadly Lorna Jane isn't in UK store, but avaiable online at Active in Style! Our equivalent would be Sweaty Betty!) and I swear by it. These ideas for a Quick Post Christmas Cleanse are great and just what I need after a rather food and drink heavy christmas! have a snoop around the Move, Nourish, Believe website, it's seriously good.

What are your way to motivate yourself?


  1. One of my weird motivations when going to the gym is to put on the Victoria's Secret fashion show on my iPad and watch that as I'm going! I think they just inspire me so much that it just makes me feel bad if I'm not working hard. I'm bad with the nibbles as well, chocolate all the time :P xx

    1. haha! that's such a great idea! Yes, chocolate is my ultimate downfall...! x


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