Tuesday 27 January 2015

Pamper Evening Essentials

We all love a pamper evening. A chance to completely rejuvenate ourselves and to feel fresh.
These are my top pick and things to do on a pamper night...

Take it off. Clean. Cleanse! 
Start your pamper evening buy getting rid of the days germs. Have a bath or shower, use all your favourite products and really treat yourself! Light some candles and soak, or sing to your favourite songs in the shower. Take off your make up and take off any old nail varnish too. 

Time to Treat Yourself
Once you're done, use your favourite moisturiser. I use Creamy, Madly, Dreamy from Zoella Beauty which is super luxurious, but not to thick and heavy. I am not patient when it comes to moisturiser drying time. Treat yourself to a face mask to sort your skin out. I use Lush's Mask of Magnaminty which works wonders on my skin and... cracks superbly when you once your skin when it's dry. (I find this very satisfying before I take it off... it's the little things, ey!) After my skin has dried and I've given it a little time to breathe, I will apply my Garnier Essentials Hydrating face moisturiser. 

Give Your Nails Some Love. 
Pick out your favourite 'feel good' nail shade and really spend some time to do perfect a manicure. Do all the things you know you should do when painting your nails... but never can be bothered to do! This is the time to do any other little beauty bits, I'd pluck my eyebrows here too. 

Pick Your Treats Wisely!
Of course, no pamper evening would be complete without some snacks and something great on TV. Candles are obligatory, obviously. If you want this time to completely switch off, maybe listen to some music or read a good book. If you're happy to be 'online', maybe read some blogs, watch some griping episodes of PLL or do some online shopping. 

Relax & Enjoy! 

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