Friday 9 January 2015

Link Love

We all see those buzz feed lists, wonderful recipes and fabulous videos that we don't just want to bookmark and let them sit there, like old books on a dusty shelf, we want to share them! These are the little gems I've recently found and want to share with you on my little corner of the internet! 

1. 10 Things I Miss About Uni Nights Out - I've been home for nearly a month now, so I am very ready for a night on the town with my best friends. These couldn't be more true to life if they tried...  
2. Travelling Noodles - I'm on a Health kick this January, so these delicious noodles from The Londonder are perfect for a healthy lunch. Have a look at all her recipes, they'll have you drooling on the keyboard! 
3. How To Start a Project Life Scrapbook - I have been into scrapbooking all my life, so when I saw Lily Pebble's video, it was lovely to see that I'm not the only one. It's so lovely to have a book that is full to bursting with the happiest of memories. I've never used 'Project Life', that Lily uses, but I'm going to save up, as it looks so lovely and a little less time ( & Pritt Stick...) consuming! 
4. 25 New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Make - This really made me think. Some of these new years resolution suggestions are ones that a lot of people, including myself should think about doing! It's the little things we forget about!
5. 73 Questions With Blake Lively - This woman is my absolute idol and I love this video, by Vogue. She seems so fun and lovely (and she's just had a bubba!)
6. The Fitness Files - 'Vivianna does Makeup' literally my current fitness queen. Seriously, she did a 4 mile race at midnight in NYC on NYE, what a babe! (With her boyfriend. They vlogged. It was cute. I started to well up. Emotions are clearly running high. Watch her NYC vlog here!) Her videos and blog posts are very honest and fun to watch/read, not all about fitness though, which is a good thing! I'm not a fan of the whole 'cut sugar out of your diet completely, it's not good for you' thing, which I'm finding is the case with a lot of fitness/health blogs and YT channels at the moment. Anna is great inspo as she's dedicated, but realistic. If she really wants that meal at Homeslice, she'll have it! I'm also that kinda gal... 

Have you got any great internet finds to share?


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