Thursday 30 June 2016

The Great Escape Festival 2016

 So at the end of May (yeap, that long ago - it's been a hectic few months...) Henry & I went to The Great Escape, a city music festival showcasing 450 new artists in over 30 venues around Brighton. 

The festival was spread over Thursday, Friday & Saturday and you can see a new artist every moment of each of those days. As it was a little while back, I thought I'd put my favourite photos from the festival into one post, let you know about some of my favourite moments and tell you about the incredible new artists I discovered. 

It was so lovely to spend three days with Henry, soaking up every inch of Brighton whilst we still could and discovering new bands in the process. Finally seeing Causes was amazing, I've loved their music for a while and it was great to see it come to life on stage at the Hope & Ruin. On the Friday the sun was shining, so we headed to the only outdoor stage, the Citadel stage. to see Kim Churchill . He was fantastic with his proper feel good, happy music and everyone was loving it in the sunshine. Have a listen to Window In The Sky it's my favourite! 

On the Sunday I wanted to show Merika the VEVO stage, a slightly more hidden area with DJ's, palm trees and a photobooth. Neither of us had heard of Nessi, but thought we'd catch her set, which I'll say here is one of the coolest things about TGE, just stumbling across great artists by accident. Nessi an electro-pop artist, but this set was stripped back and reflected the vibe on her Acoustic album, which I've been listening to nonstop since the festival. My favourites are Heart Of Gold, Brush You Off & Throw Your Arms Around Me. After her set we met Henry at the street party outside The Fiddlers Elbow, a few more friends joined and we sang loudly to Boys Will Be Boys - The Ordinary Boys till the early hours... as you do! 

- f a v o u r i t e  a c t s -
Connie Constance
Kim Churchill 

I would totally recommend going to The Great Escape. You're in the coolest place, listening to new bands and you're surrounded by pretty awesome people. I had the best three days, same time next year? 

Are you off to any festivals this year?



Thursday 23 June 2016

Polly & Joe's Wedding | May 2016

You may or may not know that this year I've started filming wedding videos. This time it was for a special person I've known all my life, Polly. 

Polly is one of the funniest, most caring and kind hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and she has found her perfect match in Joe. I was not only a guest at their beautiful wedding, but I was also asked to capture it on camera and create their wedding video, so they could relive their wedding day forever more. 

Polly & Joe both have Down's Syndrome and are the perfect positive reminder of what really matters in life: love, family and friendships. Please share their video, pass on the positivity and spread the love. 

Unfortunately, the video can't be viewed on mobile devices due to copyright, but I promise you it's worth getting your laptop out ;) 

If you're interested in enquiring about my videos :: 
email ::



Saturday 18 June 2016

Summer Primark Haul

Back in full force on my YouTube channel with a Summer Primark Haul! 

I love the bits I've picked up so wanted to share them with you all. 
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Monday 6 June 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy {6th June}

I'm back! I'm not free of university just yet, but all the essays are done, with one singing exam to go, so it's definitely time to get back to my little happy corner of the internet!
1. Goodbye dissertation! It's all done, over 18,000 words, 10 lesson plans, tonnes of market research, a lot of hard work and a few (read: many) breakdowns, all the essays have been handed in. A huge weight off my shoulders with just a practical exam to go and then my degree is done.

2. The fact I am actually able to sit down and write this post. Hello (a little bit of) free time...

3. Seeing one of my oldest family friends get married on Saturday. It was just beautiful, very emotional and such a happy day for everyone involved.

4. Homemade guacamole. Check out Vivianna Does Make Up's recipe, it's a gooden.

5. The breathtaking Dr Blighty show at the Pavilion in Brighton, it told such a wonderful story through the colourful images projected onto the building.

6. This girls got her curls back! I had a healthy chop and some blonde put in my hair last week and it's like my hair has a new leash of life! 

7. Sunshine. More vitamin D in my life please? 

8. Greedy - Ariana Grande. SO. FREAKING. GOOD. 

9. It's peony season, how are they SO pretty? I'd like a bunch on every surface please...

10. Soaking in as much Brighton as possible. I move out at the end of this month and I will have officially finished university. I'm making the most of this beautiful place whilst I'm still here! 

It's so good to be back! Look out for my The Great Escape posts this week.
What's made you happy recently? 

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