Thursday 23 June 2016

Polly & Joe's Wedding | May 2016

You may or may not know that this year I've started filming wedding videos. This time it was for a special person I've known all my life, Polly. 

Polly is one of the funniest, most caring and kind hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and she has found her perfect match in Joe. I was not only a guest at their beautiful wedding, but I was also asked to capture it on camera and create their wedding video, so they could relive their wedding day forever more. 

Polly & Joe both have Down's Syndrome and are the perfect positive reminder of what really matters in life: love, family and friendships. Please share their video, pass on the positivity and spread the love. 

Unfortunately, the video can't be viewed on mobile devices due to copyright, but I promise you it's worth getting your laptop out ;) 

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  1. This was so lovely to watch Georgia, beautifully put together. I did have a couple of tears in my eyes at some points.

  2. Gorgeous video, I loveeee a wedding!

    Sophie x


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