Monday 6 June 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy {6th June}

I'm back! I'm not free of university just yet, but all the essays are done, with one singing exam to go, so it's definitely time to get back to my little happy corner of the internet!
1. Goodbye dissertation! It's all done, over 18,000 words, 10 lesson plans, tonnes of market research, a lot of hard work and a few (read: many) breakdowns, all the essays have been handed in. A huge weight off my shoulders with just a practical exam to go and then my degree is done.

2. The fact I am actually able to sit down and write this post. Hello (a little bit of) free time...

3. Seeing one of my oldest family friends get married on Saturday. It was just beautiful, very emotional and such a happy day for everyone involved.

4. Homemade guacamole. Check out Vivianna Does Make Up's recipe, it's a gooden.

5. The breathtaking Dr Blighty show at the Pavilion in Brighton, it told such a wonderful story through the colourful images projected onto the building.

6. This girls got her curls back! I had a healthy chop and some blonde put in my hair last week and it's like my hair has a new leash of life! 

7. Sunshine. More vitamin D in my life please? 

8. Greedy - Ariana Grande. SO. FREAKING. GOOD. 

9. It's peony season, how are they SO pretty? I'd like a bunch on every surface please...

10. Soaking in as much Brighton as possible. I move out at the end of this month and I will have officially finished university. I'm making the most of this beautiful place whilst I'm still here! 

It's so good to be back! Look out for my The Great Escape posts this week.
What's made you happy recently? 



  1. OOH the end is in sight, hope all goes well lovely :)

    Sophie x

  2. Congrats on finishing your dissertation and good luck with your last exam!! That's so exciting! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  3. Lovely post and you've now completely finished Uni right? So congratulations!! I hope you're having all the fun, but does that mean you'll be moving out of Brighton?! x

  4. It would also be good to have a regular facial if your budget allows.


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