Monday 23 May 2016

NEW MUSIC :: Merika

She's fierce, she's fun, she's got an incredible voice and she's got the best hair you'll ever see, meet MerikaTell me a bit about yourself...

Oh wow, things like this always throw me! Well, my name is Merika. I’m a singer/session musician/songwriter, I basically just love to sing! I’m 22 years young, originally from the North of the UK but currently based in the South. Seeing where life will take me. I have a massive love for my family, elephants and big hair, representing natural curls all the way! I’m a sucker for detail, I adore accessories and shoes, usually trainers. I’m a mixed chick, proud of my Barbados culture and take my influence from my multicultural background by focusing on how it makes me feel.
What do you do? 
Like previously mentioned, I’m a singer / session musician / songwriter. Currently working with Lebeaux as a backing vocalist. It is unreal how much fun I have performing with each individual. There is never a dull moment. Lebeaux’s vocals are just perfection! I’m also working with covers bands whilst I find the right producer to write my own material. I write my own melodies and lyrics, I’m just trying to establish what my own personal sound is. No rest for the wicked! 

When did you get into music?

I don’t ever remember music not being in my life. I enjoyed school choirs and productions. My parents gave me the chance to learn any instrument, but I was just very impatient. I grew up with older siblings who loved music, brothers who DJs and a father who sung in a band at weekends. House full of noise! Never a quiet moment. We sung and danced around the house on a regular basis, especially me! My mum says I sung before I could speak. I didn't really start to take singing seriously till A Levels. It was a friend questioning my choices in A Levels and reminding me about my dream, she made me realise that I could make a career out of singing. Thanks to her, I wouldn't have pushed it the way I have! From then on, I never looked back.   

What are your future plans with your music career? 

My plans are to stay myself and establish what sound speaks ‘Merika’. I want to have fun! I would love to work with so many different talented musicians along my journey and see what comes of it. I want to continue helping other artists by adding backing vocals to their live performances, helping them with their visions. Alongside, writing writing writing music of my own. Hopefully one day I’ll see my name in lights, be known for my vocals and hard work. Keep your eyes peeled. 


Who are your biggest influences and inspirations? 

My biggest influences are my family members. I admire all their hard work and constant determination. Without them I wouldn't be who I am today. The support we all give one another is just amazing and I couldn’t thank them enough. But vocally, I would say Lianne La Havas is a big influence. When she had her first appearance on Jools Holland, I was in awe. I heard her vocals and melted. She has such a gorgeous tone that is a little similar to mine. I love her! She is just so cool. I could go on but I’ll keep it at that... 
Cats or dogs?

Favourite food?
My Aunts Macaroni pie! Or literally my Mums cooking!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Barbados (My gorgeous island)

All-time favourite song?
I couldn't just say one in particular but my favourite right now is Hold Up by Beyoncé. Such a summer banger!

If your friends could describe you in five words what would they be? 
My friends are pretty brutal so it would be something like:

Must have beauty item?
I’m torn between lipstick and eyeliner...

A quote you live by is...
W.W.B.D - What would Beyoncé do?! or You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé (As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of hers)

Dream holiday?
Ooo wow, I’d say the Maldives. Mmmmmm, sun sun sun! Or even just a holiday to spend time helping rescued and rehabilitate Elephants.


TWITTER - @miimerika

INSTAGRAM - @miimerika

Keep your eyes in Merika's social media pages to find out about gigs, new music and to see what musical mischief she gets up to day to day! 


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