Friday 30 December 2016

2016: Reflection

If someone could let me know how on earth we're at the end of 2016, I'd really appreciate it! 
Georgia through window with reflections
We've got the final few days of December and then 2016 will be put on the shelf for us to revisit the memories if we choose too... which on a worldwide scale, I shouldn't imagine it's a year we'll want to think about too often. I don't need to mention why it has been a challenging year for many of us, but I'd quite like to focus on the positives that have come from this year too - it's never all bad and I'm really trying hard to start looking at the good side of things a bit more.

As we move in to 2017, unfortunately the world itself won't take notice... it's just a difference in a date and these things can and will still happen. It is how we deal with them, how we think about them and find ways to stop them that will make the difference. It upsets me to think that from now on people will just wish the year away when bad things happen, so I personally think we need more positive mindsets and to be a little more proactive about these things instead.

Anyway, There's a list of some wonderful things that have happened this year here and most importantly I want people to think about their own happy moments from this year. 

I'm here to talk about the good things! The best parts of my 2016 - the achievements, the little things, the happy moments, let's go!

Georgia at Graduation

Graduating with a 1st from University 
This July, I wrapped up my degree at BIMM and this November I graduated with a 1st in Professional Musicianship. I am not ashamed to say how proud I am of myself that I achieved this grade, a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (believe me, there were tears) really did pay off. I owe a lot to this little blog actually. I achieved a 1st in my dissertation,which was based on making relatable content for my blog that tied in my love for music and for blogging - It was a double weighted module, so I think that's the grade that tipped off my mark into a 1st. 

I'm proud of my entire time at university and marking the end of the three years this year felt really special. Although I was heartbroken leaving Brighton, it's the thing that motivates me the most to get my act together and move back there as soon as I can. I love that little crazy city by the sea. 

Georgia Filming

Georgia Furness Films
In March, I had my first nudge into Wedding Videography.  I say 'nudge' it was more of a full on push off the highest diving board, into the deep end...! I was asked by my friends Mariam and Martin to film their wedding video for them, they loved my vlogs and said they just wanted me to film exactly how I always do and there was no pressure. I definitely put the pressure on myself because buggering up their wedding video was something I did not want to do - I had a vision, I wanted to make it happen. I did make it happen! Showing them the video was amazing, there were tears, hugging and prosecco, then some more tears, hugging and prosecco and it was clear they loved it. Since then I've gone on to film two more weddings this year, one of them being Polly & Joe's wedding. They both have down syndrome and are the two of the sweetest, most kind hearted people you'll ever meet and it was an honour to capture there day for them and in the words of Polly's mum 'for them to re-live their wedding day forever more'. Their wedding was featured on Rock and Roll Bride and has made their Top 20 of 2016

Editing Flatlay

Hitting 1000 Subscribers // 57 videos this year
Although my channel is still only tiny, it has grown the most this year. I hit one thousand subscribers in September and I've had nearly 80,000 total views, which blows my mind. It's small when you compare it to so many others, but it's a hell of a lot more than I ever thought I'd have. I also uploaded 57 videos this year, which I'm also pretty proud of, seeing as I also had a degree to finish for half of the year too! The introduction of weekly vlogs was something I loved and definitely want to continue. I'm constantly aiming to make my videos better, more fun, higher quality and always trying to push the boundaries in my editing, so heres to all of those in 2017. A huge thank you to my other half, Henry for putting up with things like filming lookbooks, shooting outfits in the cold, waiting to eat his meals so I can vlog/instagram it and for generally being quite wonderful. 
I love this crazy bunch of people more than anything. I have always loved and appreciated my friends, but this year I have come to appreciate the times spent with my them so much more. Since half of us have moved from Brighton, we have to make more of an effort to see each other as we're not living just up the road from each other anymore. It's just made me look forward to the times spent with them so much more - whether we're going on a big night out of drinks and dancing or lounging about eating all the food and drinking all the tea. It's fun, whatever we do. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that anyone of us is always there for one another no matter what. Some of my happiest and funniest memories this year have been with them and I'm so excited for many more memories to be made next year. Friendships like these are so important and I've really come to realise that in 2016. 
(We even have a Whatsapp group together now, so we're like totally official...) 

Of course, the support, love and time spent with my family this year has been amazing too. I just want to mention out little cat Mickey who we sadly lost in June. Not a day goes by where I don't think of this little one, his soft fluffy tum and sweet little face, and although I want to keep this all happy, he bought us nearly 16 years of joy, so I think he deserves a mention. 


2016, you've been intense and I'm so excited to see what 2017 throws at me and feeling ready to start exploring what this world has got to give me. 

My New Years Resolutions will be up on Monday. I've really thought long and hard about them this year. 

What are your happiest moments of 2016?

Thursday 29 December 2016


As December comes to and end and we're about to wave goodbye to 2016, I thought I'd round up all my Vlogmas videos in one place for you. 

I have absolutely loved this month. I love Christmas and I wanted to thoroughly make the most of it seeing as next year I'll be working and won't have as much time to get festive! I will love looking back over these vlogs, especially Vlogmas Day 10 - the BEST day with my best friends. We hug and laugh at lot, it's mega cute.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year! 


Tuesday 20 December 2016

Christmas Nail Shades

It's rare a day goes by without me wearing nail varnish, I feel it complete pulls a look together and everything looks a lot more polished (pun intended). 

These are some of my favourite nail colours to wear throughout December, each one screams 'Christmas' to me and I just rotate between them all, sometimes layering the glitters on top of a solid colour.
Nail Varnish Flat Lay

This is a black nail varnish with bright specks of red glitter throughout, it looks gorgeous on and it creates a lot of depth with the layers of chunky glitter.

I wear this shade all year round, it's a beautiful grey/lavender shade. Its subtle but looks very chic. 

This is my Winter favourite, it is the most gorgeous berry/wine shade I have ever seen - I've not yet found a nail varnish to live up to this colour, they're either too red or too purple, this is perfect.

This gold and white glitter is perfect as a topcoat over a coloured nail varnish, if you want it to pop layer it over a dark shade, or if you want it to be slightly more subtle, go for a shade like Barry M's Almond.

This is a beautifully intense silver glitter, it sparkles like nobodies business! Again, it's perfect at as a top coat or a couple of layers on its own to make it more intense. Although they have discontinued the American Apparel one, there are so many similar silver glitters about. Christmas Nail Varnish

I use the Nails Inc. NailKale Superfood Top Coat and the incredible Seche Vite as a top coat, it leaves it super glossy and it lasts for days. 

What shades do you go for around Christmas?

Friday 16 December 2016

Royal Blue Velvet - Perfect Christmas Dress

Every year, I hunt for the perfect Christmas dress and every year it usually comes in the form of a super soft velvet number. This year ASOS gave me the goods in the form of this gorgeous Royal Blue Velvet Skater Dress. It's the dreaaaam and an absolute steal too.
I wanted to shoot this outfit in one of my favourite places in London, especially at Christmas time, Covent Garden. If you haven't there to see their incredible christmas decorations, you need to visit soon, pick up a flaky pastry and a hot chocolate from Aubaine or some delicious macaroons from Ladurée and enjoy the boutique shops, festive stalls and christmassy vibes. 

Huge baubles, giant mistletoe and Ginormous disco balls galore, it's so beautiful and impossibly not to feel festive!
I feel amazing in this dress, it's flattering and perfect for Christmas. I usually pair it with a skinny belt to cinch it in at my waist, black tights and a pair of heeled boots - a festive red lip goes perfectly too! It's super affordable at only £25, so it's a huge bargain too. 

It's still available on ASOS, you can get your hands on it here. (I'm also SO tempted by this gorgeous Oxblood one too)

It's getting so close to Christmas, what do you like to wear on Christmas Day? 

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Christmas Q&A

As it's my favourite time of year, I thought I'd film a little Christmas Tag! 
Find out what my favourite christmas movies & songs are, what christmas traditions I have and what noise I'd use to explain how excited I am for Christmas... (note: it's high pitched and loud)

You can also head on over to my channel to catch up on Vlogmas too! 

Monday 12 December 2016

Comfy Christmas Shopping

Lots of us spend a lot of December days being weighed down by bags full of gifts for loved ones and after traipsing around all day you can feel a lil' bit knackered!

For that reason, it's so important to me that I'm super comfy - wearing clothes that are comfortable and shoes that won't rub and can withstand a good bit of walking up and down the high street. (Obviously the most comfortable way to do Christmas shopping is in your PJ's, on the sofa with a laptop... but you've got to face the crowds at least once!) 

This little outfit I've put together if the perfect mix of comfortable and chic, perfect if you've got a long day ahead of you out and about in town, but you still want to look nice.

 I've simply put on a cosy roll neck jumper, with my favourite high waisted jeans and paired it with a longline camel coat and a pair of Over-The-Knee black boots. I love wearing OTK boots, but usually with a heel to add a bit of height and elongate my legs, but they're not practical for shopping. So these are a great alternative, I loved wearing these all day - they were super comfortable and really pulled the outfit together. 

- o u t f i t   d e t a i l s -

Black OTK Boots - Primark (£15)
Black Bag - Primark 
Hair curled using Babyliss 'Tight Curls Wand'

This is also a hair & jewellery combo I'm obsessed with. I've been using a Tight Curls wand on my hair and I love the outcome, I feel like I've stepped out of the 80's/reverted back to the hair I was rocking at the age of 5. It's a bit different, but I like that. I think it goes so well with a pair of hoop earrings too, which I certainly didn't think I'd be wearing ever again. I picked up a pack of two from ASOS for £3 and I've worn them pretty much everyday.

What are your go-to's when you want be comfortable, but chic?


Wednesday 7 December 2016


It's most wonderful time of the year! 
The best bit about this time of year is the fun times spent with friends and family, so you don't want any added stress when it comes to picking out presents for the ones you love. 
I've put together a few small gift guides to help you along with your christmas shopping. I've filmed a Christmas Gift ideas video which you could use for ideas for your own wish list or for friends and family. I've also included a Mens Gift Guide below... because I think they're the hardest to buy for! 

w o m e n s   g i f t   g u i d e

Present Ideas (Featured in Video)

I've featured some gifts I think would be perfect to give to someone you love or to ask for yourself, with a varied prince range, so do check the video out to see if it helps you out! 
If you are looking for more ideas for a female you can check out my WantFeed, full of items this 22 year old gal loves so you might find something in there too! 

m e n s   g i f t   g u i d e 

A couple of choices for the men in your life too. I find buying for men absolutely impossible and I've got THREE brothers... so there's no escaping it! So I've put together a couple of present ideas for men below too, to go alongside my gift guide for girls. There's all sorts of price ranges from smaller novelty gifts, to bigger presents, so hopefully it may spark a few ideas if you're at a loss! 
Mens Gift Guide (Listed Below)
- from top left to bottom right -
Leather Strap Watch - P&Co. - £126
Storm Trooper Mug - John Lewis - £8.99
Scratch Off Map - John Lewis - £20
Crosley Record Player - Urban Outfitters - £160
iPhone Lens Set - ASOS - £9
The Tattoo Dictionary - Urban Outfitters - £15
The Hangover Book - John Lewis - £5.25
'Cry Babies' T-shirt - P&Co. - £29
Burgundy Beanie - Urban Outfitters - £12
Cable Knit Jumper - ASOS - £32
Grey Coat - New Look - £79.99

Feel free to share anymore ideas in the comments - I'd love some more myself.
I hope these help the stress of christmas shopping. 

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Autumn Winter Lookbook 2016

I really love Autumn and Winter fashion, I love layering pieces, I love the burgundy, kahki, mustard shades, the dusky pastels and then the deep greens, reds and black around Christmas - and for that reason I love putting together Lookbooks at this time of year.
This is the final look I'm yet to blog about from this years Lookbook. This dusky rose pink pinafore dress, with a cute bee print shirt underneath, rocked up a little bit with black buckle boots, a leather jacket and a fur headband. This outfit is the perfect combination of looks for me, it combines feminine and classy with edgy. 

w h a t   I ' m   w e a r i n g 

Bee Shirt - Primark
Pine Pinafore Dress - Primark
Boots - New Look (similar)
Fur Headband - It was a gift, but this one is similar. 

You can see the other looks here ::

Outfit One - Bare Legs & Boots

Outfit Two - Autumn Pastels

Outfit Three - Winter Wardrobe Essentials

So, Here's the Look Book! A huge thank you to my boyfriend, Henry, for filming this for me, I quite literally couldn't of done it without you! I spent hours editing and pushing the boundaries of my normal, rather safe editing style so I hope you like it. Please do leave a comment and Subscribe for more videos just like this one... and lots of festive ones throughout December too!  


Monday 28 November 2016


I don't know about youuu, but I'm feeling 22!

Couldn't resist, sorry! 
Georgia holding '22' Balloons
Today, Monday 28th November is my 22nd birthday! 

It's a little bit terrifying that I'm not 21 anymore. I'm like an actual grown up now. Not that I feel any older than I did yesterday, but it just sounds a lot more grown up. Like I should start getting my shit together, which I'm getting there with... in baby steps... but it's tricky, you know?

I celebrated on Saturday night with my best friends and family. We whipped up some Mexican food (homemade guac going down a treat, as always), Dad was making the Margaritas, the Mexican playlist was blaring (with a few anomalies... 'I'm Drinking Rum and Redbull' made it in...) We played games and laughed until the early hours and woke with very sore heads on Sunday. 

Twenty One was wonderful in many ways, some crazy highs and a few lows and I'm very excited to see what this year will bring, but I'm going to save my rambles about goals and achievements for a New Year post.

Twenty Two, let's do this! 

Friday 25 November 2016

Winter Primark Haul

I went for a good old snoop in Primark this week and obviously I didn't leave empty handed! 
Have a little peek at the new super cosy additions to my Winter wardrobe - All under £15!



Monday 21 November 2016

Why You Need These Winter Wardrobe Staples

We all need those wardrobe staples that can take an outfit from basic to stylish and sophisticated in a matter of seconds, right? I've currently got two go to items that do just that.. 

- L o n g l i n e   W i n t e r   C o a t s - 

 A coat can often be the main part of your outfit throughout autumn and winter - a day up in London spent dipping in and out of shops means you'll be wearing your coat for the majority of the day! This is why I love purchasing a new winter coat, as I know I'll be getting so much wear out of it.

I recently picked up this gorgeous Long Line Camel Coat from New Look for just £34.99 (it's actually now in the sale with £10 off, so hurry hurry hurry!) and I have not stopped wearing it since. It's flattering, it fits a chunky jumper underneath without looking bulky and is super cosy without being too thick and heavy. The colour is smart and sophisticated and goes with absolutely everything! 

- C o m f y   H e e l e d   B o o t s -

I'm a shorty. I'm about 5"3 so anything that gives me a little bit of height instantly makes me feel better about myself and a bit more confident. I love a pair of chunky heeled boots, they're comfy enough to wear all day long and give that little bit of extra height to feel a tad slinkier and to extend those legs a little! 

My current go to pair are these ones, also from New Look (Similar). Although these were last season, they have plenty of similar pairs and New Look boots have never failed me so far! These are tan 'suede' with a black chunky heel (by chunky, I just mean not a stiletto heel!) gold hardware and tassels on the zip.  

Adding both these wardrobe staples to an outfit makes me so much more confident and stylish within seconds. I feel so much more put together, even if I haven't made too much of an effort with the outfit underneath.

I've paired them with a roll neck striped top, a black a-line skirt and a signature red lip. I've gone for simple jewellery with just my silver rings from Silverado in Brighton. This was for a day of roasts and countryside dog walks with my boyfriends family and it was a perfect outfit for a mix of comfort and style. Obviously I swapped out the boots for wellies for the dog walk! 

- o u t f i t    d e t a i l s - 

Boots - New Look (Similar)
Roll Neck Striped Top - Primark 
Black A Line Skirt - Primark 
Lipstick - L'Oreal Blake Lively Red  

All photos taken on an Olympus Pen E-PL7 with a 45mm lens. 
Photos by Henry Gottelier.

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Current Favourites

Time to gather my favourite bits and pieces together and share them with you.
A mix of autumn style, high street and high end beauty, music, must watch TV shows and YouTubers and I really am LOVING them all! 
Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

What have you been loving recently? 


Monday 14 November 2016

5 TV Shows I'm Loving Right Now

I love a good Netflix sesh. Light some candles on a grey, rainy day, grab your softest blanket and a cup of tea and settle down a good hour (or what could easily be hours) of Netflix. 

So with that and the fact TV is in it's prime right now, with it being Autumn/Winter - I thought I'd share some of the programmes I'm loving at the moment. 

1. Scream
I'm a mega wimp and usually anything that comes under the genre of 'Horror' is completely banned if I'm on my own - this series however, has me hooked! It's on Netflix and I'm currently watching the second season - so there's plenty to catch up on. It follows a similar story to the Scream films, with the masked killer making phone calls to his next victim in his crazy deep voice, picking off friendship groups one by one! I'd say it's a bit like Pretty Little Liars with a lot more blood. There's lots of jumps and twists and turns, but I'm actually able to watch it alone... but not with the lights off! 

2. Total Bellas
Anyone who's read my blog for a while might know about my love for the WWE wrestlers, the Bella Twins and the TV show Total Divas. They now have their own spin off show, also on E! and I just love it. It's so easy to watch, It'll make you laugh and they're pretty sassy. 

3. The Missing
Another Thriller, this time on BBC 1. This is the second season of The Missing but with a completely unrelated storyline, so no worries if you missed the first one. It's about a girl returning home after being kidnapped over 10 years ago. It's dark with a lot of suspense and it's a little confusing at times, switching between the past and present, but definitely worth a watch. The end of episode 5 had me gasping, it was pretty unexpected. You can catch up on iPlayer. 

4. Married at First Sight
A slightly more light hearted option! This programme follows a bunch of singletons who have opted to be matched up by experts to meet and marry a stranger... on the day of their wedding! It's a crazy experiment, but so interesting to see how they get on and if it's all going to work out. It's on Channel 4 so you can catch up so far on 4OD. 

5. The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds 
If you haven't seen this you are missing out, it has me crying with laughter without fail. It follows a group of children on a day at nursery, listening to their conversations, seeing them making friends, arguing, playing, winning games, losing games and it's absolutely fascinating (and hilarious) to see how kids are with each other when adults aren't around. It'll make you laugh, cry and cry laugh but it's a great one to cheer someone up! 


Obviously I'm also loving the more usual suspects - Made In Chelsea, I'm a Celebrity, First Dates & Gogglebox. I also LOVED the new season of Cold Feet, which I'd imagine you could find on catch up somewhere. 

TV is just far too good in the winter months, I can't keep up! But it's always good to have some new shows lined up for christmas time for those cosy evenings on the sofa!

What TV shows are you loving at the moment?  

Thursday 10 November 2016

Bonfire Night

Just a couple of phone snaps and a video from bonfire night. I was with family and friends and spent the evening by the bonfire, watching fireworks, eating delicious food, drinking winter Pimms (which you NEED to seek out and try! It's delicious!) chatting away and playing silly, rather messy games. 

I can't watch the video without a big smile on my face. Happy days. 


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