Tuesday 20 December 2016

Christmas Nail Shades

It's rare a day goes by without me wearing nail varnish, I feel it complete pulls a look together and everything looks a lot more polished (pun intended). 

These are some of my favourite nail colours to wear throughout December, each one screams 'Christmas' to me and I just rotate between them all, sometimes layering the glitters on top of a solid colour.
Nail Varnish Flat Lay

This is a black nail varnish with bright specks of red glitter throughout, it looks gorgeous on and it creates a lot of depth with the layers of chunky glitter.

I wear this shade all year round, it's a beautiful grey/lavender shade. Its subtle but looks very chic. 

This is my Winter favourite, it is the most gorgeous berry/wine shade I have ever seen - I've not yet found a nail varnish to live up to this colour, they're either too red or too purple, this is perfect.

This gold and white glitter is perfect as a topcoat over a coloured nail varnish, if you want it to pop layer it over a dark shade, or if you want it to be slightly more subtle, go for a shade like Barry M's Almond.

This is a beautifully intense silver glitter, it sparkles like nobodies business! Again, it's perfect at as a top coat or a couple of layers on its own to make it more intense. Although they have discontinued the American Apparel one, there are so many similar silver glitters about. Christmas Nail Varnish

I use the Nails Inc. NailKale Superfood Top Coat and the incredible Seche Vite as a top coat, it leaves it super glossy and it lasts for days. 

What shades do you go for around Christmas?

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