Wednesday 23 September 2015

Making Mojitos

Today I thought I'd let you in on how I make my favourite cocktail at home! I am a sucker for any kind of cocktail but I love mojitos, especially with some passionfruit added. 

You can pretty much make these however you'd like. I've done it in various different ways with various different utensils... on our first attempt, our cocktail shaker was the bottle from my Blend Active Blender. Things have got a little more classy since then & I purchased this copper cocktail shaker from Sainsburys. 

I'm also not very precise on measurements either (Good job on the recipe post G, It's going well...) I just do it to taste! But here's what you'll need for your at home mojitos!

White Rum 
Soda Water
Fresh Mint Leaves
Agave Nectar (Or sugar, but I prefer the syrup as it dissolves quickly)
& passionfruit if you want to change it up a bit. 

Throw your mint, lime juice (& the rest of the lime, why not ey?) white rum and your sugar/syrup into a cocktail shaker and give it a good old shake. Pour it equally into your glasses then top up with soda water. Ideally have your glass filled with crush ice & some mint leaves, but that's not essential! 
As you can probably tell, it's pretty much trial and error every time! I've had some that taste heavenly & some that don't taste of much. Either way, they're so much fun to make with friends, so pop to the shops, grab the ingredients and you're good to go for a girls night in! 



Monday 21 September 2015

Monday Motivation

(I do not own this photo. Source:

A little bit of Monday Morning Motivation for you! 

I'm super delighted to say that I'm now welcoming you to! 
My own little domain name, whoop!


Start your day with a cool glass of water with a slice of lemon & your favourite breakfast.
Put on matching underwear & an outfit that makes you feel great. 
Say 'Please' & 'Thank You' with a smile to anyone who helps you throughout the day.
Have a delicious, nutritious lunch. 
Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.
Take some time out to think about what you want to achieve & need to to this week, make your to do list. 
Work hard all day & take some well deserved time out in the evening. 

It's up to you whether this Monday drags or not, so why not make it a gooden? 


Thursday 17 September 2015

Dinerama {Shoreditch}

Last week, Mum & I popped up to London to see my brother Sam & his girlfriend Sophie for dinner and a catch up. We headed to Shoreditch to try out Dinerama, a street feast in Shoreditch Yard with loads of different food shacks, diners and bars to try out! The choice of food was absolutely amazing, there was so many different options to choose from. 

Spoiler alert: We obviously went for Pulled Pork Burgers... 
With neon signs and bright lights everywhere it's a feast for the eyes as soon as you walk in. You don't know where to look. Dinerama is free entry before 7pm & £3 entry after 7pm. It was bustling with people, but wasn't too busy, we eventually found a spot for all four of us to sit down to eat.  
Mum, Sophie & I all went for Pulled Pork Buns with skin-on-chips from Smokestak for the super reasonable price of £10. I would eat this all again right now if I could, it was so damn good. (This is not the post to be writing whilst hungry...) 
My love for pickled things was perfectly satisfied with sweet vinegar slaw and pickled cucumbers accompanying the bbq-y pulled bork in a soft toasted bun. The skin on fries were also delicious with the cajaun mayo too. 
Sam went for Buffalo Wings & chips. I was clearly way too busy stuffing my face to find out his exact order but they were from BBQ Lab and he said they were some of the best buffalo wings he's ever had! 
The bars had everything to offer. Wine, beer, juice, even Pint sized cocktails, so that's a winner if you ask me. This is definitely a place to head to with friends after work, a day of shopping or after mooching around London. Such a fun, bustling and cool atmosphere. Next on my list to try is Street Feast in Dalston. It's the same company, but apparently even more choice!

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Greece {Part Two}

The last selection of photos from my week in Greece. We jet skied, swam, sipped cocktails and sunbathed to our hearts content! I just wanted to document the week of happy memories on the blog, I'm transported back to being poolside, reading The Power Trip, sipping on a Pink Passion as soon as I flick through the images. I filmed an Outfit Diary too, which I can't watch without a huge grin on my face! 

Mostly taken on the Olympus Pen E-PL7 with the 45mm lens. 
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