Tuesday 1 September 2015

Get Ready Greece, We're Coming For Ya!

I just thought I'd pop a little post up before I head off to a week of fun, sun, swimming and cocktails in Greece. I'm going with that dreamboat^ and his lovely family, there's 9 of us in total! Obviously I'll be a bit M.I.A on the blog for the upcoming week, but once I'm back, there'll be a few holiday posts to round off the summer! 

Then (and I'm so excited about this!) it'll be time to dive into everything about Autumn! I'll be wearing all the khaki, mustard yellow and burgundy, rocking a berry lip, wrapping up in chunky knits and sipping on pumpkin spice lattes & hot chocolates until the cows come home. I wouldn't complain if the sun wanted to rear its head again, like it occasionally does in September, but I'm excited to embrace Autumn. September to December always seems be full of events and fun times. 

Have a fab week! xxx


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