Monday 28 November 2016


I don't know about youuu, but I'm feeling 22!

Couldn't resist, sorry! 
Georgia holding '22' Balloons
Today, Monday 28th November is my 22nd birthday! 

It's a little bit terrifying that I'm not 21 anymore. I'm like an actual grown up now. Not that I feel any older than I did yesterday, but it just sounds a lot more grown up. Like I should start getting my shit together, which I'm getting there with... in baby steps... but it's tricky, you know?

I celebrated on Saturday night with my best friends and family. We whipped up some Mexican food (homemade guac going down a treat, as always), Dad was making the Margaritas, the Mexican playlist was blaring (with a few anomalies... 'I'm Drinking Rum and Redbull' made it in...) We played games and laughed until the early hours and woke with very sore heads on Sunday. 

Twenty One was wonderful in many ways, some crazy highs and a few lows and I'm very excited to see what this year will bring, but I'm going to save my rambles about goals and achievements for a New Year post.

Twenty Two, let's do this! 

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