Monday 7 November 2016

How To :: Hot Chocolate with a Twist - Wren's Christmas Kitchen

There's nothing better than a hot chocolate on a cold winters day, right? 

So, when Wren Kitchens got in touch asking me to create a Christmas recipe with a twist, I immediately got to thinking about how I could switch up a classic hot chocolate. 

All the coffee shops bring out their festive drinks around the start of November, so I thought I'd find little twists to make them at home! I wanted to make something that everyone could enjoy, so this is so simple and it all comes down to whatever flavour you fancy, but here's a few steps and ideas to achieve the perfect festive hot chocolate - with a twist! 
You will need:

t h e   b a s i c s 

Your Favourite Festive Mug (essential)
Hot Chocolate Powder 
Mini Marshmallows
Whipped Cream 

c h o i c e   o f   f l a v o u r i n g s

biscoff spread
peanut butter 
gingerbread syrup
black forest/berry syrup 
peppermint essence
vanilla essence
baileys (for the adults!)

You may be getting the hint that you can add pretty much anything to shake up your hot chocolate. 

m e t h o d  

This one won't test your kitchen skills and won't take any longer than 5 minutes, so you can be on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, sipping away in no time! 

- First of all check the instructions on your hot chocolate to make sure you're following the right steps, but I'd usually try this method.
- Pour milk into your mug, leaving a bit of space at the top. This is just to measure how much milk you'll need. 
-Then, decant that into a saucepan and heat it on the hob. Keep an eye on it and be sure to stir it. Whilst this heats up add 2 tablespoons of hot chocolate powder into your mug. 
- When the milk is hot enough (but before it boils) pour it into your mug and stir to mix it with the hot chocolate powder. 
- You can add your flavourings at any point, but I'd add them in here. So dollop in some caramel sauce, squeeze a zesty orange or add a few drops mint flavouring and a peppermint candy cane - whatever takes your fancy. Then stir, stir, stir. 
- Top with mini marshmallows and as much whipped cream as possible and you are good to go! 

It's so simple that there's so many ways you could make it, you can pop it in the microwave if you want to save on washing up. 

I'm probably going to be trying out every single flavour from now until Christmas, but at the moment I'm loving adding a squeeze of an orange into my hot chocolate for a zesty surprise.

Click here to head on over to Wrens Christmas Kitchen for more classic recipes with a twist, including a Millionaire's Pavlova which I might have to try myself! 

Give it a go! What flavours will you be adding? 

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  1. I love a good hot chocolate now that it's getting colder. I usually add some honey just because I love the taste of it and maybe some nutella! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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