Monday 21 November 2016

Why You Need These Winter Wardrobe Staples

We all need those wardrobe staples that can take an outfit from basic to stylish and sophisticated in a matter of seconds, right? I've currently got two go to items that do just that.. 

- L o n g l i n e   W i n t e r   C o a t s - 

 A coat can often be the main part of your outfit throughout autumn and winter - a day up in London spent dipping in and out of shops means you'll be wearing your coat for the majority of the day! This is why I love purchasing a new winter coat, as I know I'll be getting so much wear out of it.

I recently picked up this gorgeous Long Line Camel Coat from New Look for just £34.99 (it's actually now in the sale with £10 off, so hurry hurry hurry!) and I have not stopped wearing it since. It's flattering, it fits a chunky jumper underneath without looking bulky and is super cosy without being too thick and heavy. The colour is smart and sophisticated and goes with absolutely everything! 

- C o m f y   H e e l e d   B o o t s -

I'm a shorty. I'm about 5"3 so anything that gives me a little bit of height instantly makes me feel better about myself and a bit more confident. I love a pair of chunky heeled boots, they're comfy enough to wear all day long and give that little bit of extra height to feel a tad slinkier and to extend those legs a little! 

My current go to pair are these ones, also from New Look (Similar). Although these were last season, they have plenty of similar pairs and New Look boots have never failed me so far! These are tan 'suede' with a black chunky heel (by chunky, I just mean not a stiletto heel!) gold hardware and tassels on the zip.  

Adding both these wardrobe staples to an outfit makes me so much more confident and stylish within seconds. I feel so much more put together, even if I haven't made too much of an effort with the outfit underneath.

I've paired them with a roll neck striped top, a black a-line skirt and a signature red lip. I've gone for simple jewellery with just my silver rings from Silverado in Brighton. This was for a day of roasts and countryside dog walks with my boyfriends family and it was a perfect outfit for a mix of comfort and style. Obviously I swapped out the boots for wellies for the dog walk! 

- o u t f i t    d e t a i l s - 

Boots - New Look (Similar)
Roll Neck Striped Top - Primark 
Black A Line Skirt - Primark 
Lipstick - L'Oreal Blake Lively Red  

All photos taken on an Olympus Pen E-PL7 with a 45mm lens. 
Photos by Henry Gottelier.

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