Sunday 22 March 2015

Happy & Healthy {three}

The suns been rearing it's lazy old head recently. I couldn't be happier to see it. It's got me motivated! Summer bod, here I comeeeeee!!

(All you'll need for these to die for brownies!)

Music To Motivate - Style - Taylor Swift. I've become a bit obsessed with her last three singles, they get me through 10 minutes on the killer step machine in the gym! ;) I'm going to buy her album - on repeat that should get me through a pretty intense workout.

Inspiration Time - Have you guys seen Charlotte Crosby's incredible transformation?! She's put a hell of a lot of effort into her figure and it's 100% paid off. She's got an absolute killer body, she looks fantastic! I've just ordered her '3 Minute Belly Blitz' DVD off amazon, I'll keep you updated on it.

Feeling Peckish?  - I have a super, super sweet tooth. When it comes to trying to be healthy, that can be a little bit of an issue. One of my favourite sweet treats is Chocolate Avocado Brownies. I've blogged the recipe here and there'll be a video up soon! They're still a treat, so I won't go eating a whole batch ( one go at least!) but they're great for when I need to satisfy a sugar craving!

What To Wear - Have you seen my recently Wish/Want/Need Fitness Edition? The current workout must haves that I'm lusting after!

I Go To The Gym?! - I never, ever thought I'd be someone who headed to the gym a few times a week, but it turns out I am. It's always a little bit of a drag to go, but once I'm there, I love it. Afterwards, I feel amazing and a lot happier!

How are you keeping yourself happy and healthy?



  1. Taylor Swift if definitely music to motivate, Sia always works for me as well! I'll definitely be trying your Avocado Brownies, I'm trying to incorporate a lot more Avocado into my diet as it's such a superfood...but I don't like it on its own, so these will help me! :) x

    1. I love a bit of Sia too! Definitely try the brownies, you can't taste the avocado at all, so they'd be perfect for you! x


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