Saturday 22 November 2014

Home Sweet Home: Desk Space

My desk space...
A place for inspiration, determination and procrastination. 

I knew the moment I saw this room, that i wanted to have the perfect desk space. A bright, light and airy space, with a sea view from the window! 

I wrote this post a few months ago on Desk Space Inspiration, so I thought I'd update you on what I went for in the end. 

I picked up these gorgeous candle holders from Tiger for £3 each, an absolute bargain!

The wall is covered in photos of my nearest and dearest, cute decorations and postcards!

I love having flowers on my desk, brings a little bit of life into it! These white flowers were only £3 from Tesco and have lasted three weeks! The roses were from my wonderful man, for our anniversary. 

I absolutely love seeing interior posts, so link any in the comments below!



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