Tuesday 25 November 2014

Update // It's Birthday Week!!

Yes, you heard it right, it's birthday week for me!

(I don't know the source for this, but if anyone does, please let me know! It's gorgeous & want to give credit where it's due!)

You see,  I'm 5 at heart and although I'll be turning 20... I find my birthday so ridiculously exciting that I make the most of it and make celebrations last a week! 

I'm a sucker for planning. But I also love surprises. So, I have to learn to be Miss. organised, but also let my friends (aka, the decorations committee) take the lead too...

I have an absolutely jam packed week, with auditions, hair appointments, dinners out, friends visiting, rehearsals, seeing family and obviously partying very hard, but I shall try my absolute best to keep little Love On The Wall in the loop.

There will be hundreds of photos, so be expecting a rather photo heavy post next week!

I will be vlogging my birthday weekend, which will be going up on my channel. next Wednesday!

 I also will be doing VLOGMAS! I'm going to do it in weekly videos, rather than daily as my life isn't exciting enough/I'm too busy to do daily vlogs!

Just a little update from a rather busy G! Now, I'm off for dinner with the Mr. & my family!


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