Sunday 3 May 2015

Photography Tips For Bloggers

Great photos are pretty important when it comes to blogging, right? Here are some of my tips to get great blog photos in collaboration with The Bloggers Hub. I'm no expert, but these are ones I would of found helpful. 


A few extra tips for you (+ some brownie points for also being a reader of my blog!) 

- Think about your angles. Straight on? Birds Eye View? There's so many different angles you can take a photo from so play around with it until you get one you like.  I love using birds eye view shots when shooting lots of items! 

- Take hundreds. End up using three. Although it means lots of deleting has to take place, I prefer to take loads of photos then narrow it down to my favourites - saves any 'none of these photos are right' dilemmas! 

- Good things take time. You can't learn something instantly, I'm still learning myself and I'm sure some top notch photographers still find out new things they didn't know too. Find out what an ISO is, or what a shutter speed is, or what settings mean what. (I'm not one to talk on that one though. I still need to read my camera manuals...) Put the time in and you'll reap the benefits! 



  1. I'm exactly the same with my camera - know that I should read the manual and learn everything it can do, but never get round to it!


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I know I need to do it, but theres always something more important I should be doing haha! x

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