Monday 11 May 2015

Brighton Food Festival

Last Monday, it was 'G & Frans Day Of Fun!' so we thought we would take ourselves down to Hove Lawns to go to the Brighton Food Festival. 

We like festivals and we love food, so there wasn't much saying no when a friends band asked if anyone wanted to come along! 

A Pimms bar in the shape of a teapot had us sold! We opted for blackberry and elderflower Pimms, it was absolutely delicious and I'll definitely be drinking a lot of it this summer. There was a lot of fancy cucumber twirling and mint sprigging going on with this chap, we were impressed! 

Suitably satisfied, we said hello to some friends and went off on the hunt for testers before we watched the band, Frankie Furlow do their thing! 

If you're looking for nibbles and trying lots of new things then you'd absolutely love it here. We tried all sorts; mojito fudge, feta cheese, olives, Candy Kittens sweets, raspberry gin, even some beef jerky... 

Really regretting not picking up some of these pastries and other little delights.

Feeling full we went back to to the stage to watch Frankie Furlow. I've had their songs stuck in my head ever since, they're seriously catchy! Keep an eye out for my vlog if you'd like to hear them or you can listen to them on their SoundCloud here!

I'll definitely be heading back there next year and hopefully the sun will make an appearance too! 

I'm feeling hungry after those food photos now, anyone else?!



  1. Looks like a great day - drove past it on the weekend but didn't get time to go in!
    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. Ah, that's a shame. Go along next year! :) x


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