Sunday 12 April 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

There has been lots of things to smile about this week! I absolutely love taking the time to think back on the week and remember that little things that made me happy. 

1. Spring has Sprung! Nothing like a spot of sunshine to put a smile on my face. 

2. Cracking my easter egg. It's satisfying to know that once you've made that big step, you can break bits off every few minutes now and then.

3. Planning the next week in my diary. It's going to be ridiculously busy, but a lot of fun! 

4. Magnolia Trees against the backdrop of blue sky. Perfect.

5. I got a job! And not just any job, a job that relates to my degree and is a job I'd kill to get post university, let alone whilst I'm still there. It's singing and performing every week at weddings and parties, what more could I want? I love performing at weddings, to add something to that couples very special day is just the loveliest thing. It's daunting and slightly overwhelming but very exciting. 

6. Babysitting my little brother last night. I was watching him potter about the house and just couldn't believe how grown up (yet still unbelievably cute) he was!

7. Sprinkle Of Glitter, Louise, posting her 'Mini Happies' on Facebook. It's a similar idea to this post, to look at the little things that made you smile.

8. Brighton in the sunshine! Going back there for two days after a few weeks at home makes you really appreciate what an incredible place it is. 

9. AprilDeForce. I really enjoy Fleur's daily vlogs, so I'm really pleased she is vlogging this month!

10. Starting my sunday with breakfast in bed and blue sky outside. 

What made you happy this week? Look for the little things! :)


  1. Such a lovely post! Gotta agree with you on the easter egg! Xxxx

  2. Such a lovely post! Gotta agree with you on the easter egg! Xxxx

    1. Thanks! Yes, horrible to do and first, but rewarding after! haha! xxx

  3. I'm so happy that the sun came out!! x


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