Monday 3 April 2017

Monthly To Do List :: APRIL

I'm not too sure how we got to the first week of April so quickly, but here we are! 

March was good. I had lots of fun days and enjoyed the sunshine which appeared rather frequently. I lost track a little of my goals and targets though, I started to just take life as it comes, which while is good at times, I do also like to be a little bit more planned when it comes to targets and having an idea of what I want to get done. Off topic, but I also had the worst dentist experience ever *insert upside down smiling emoji* which I go into a lot more detail in my video coming at 6pm today! 

Here's my to-do's for April (you may notice a few of last months popping up again...)

-- A P R I L --

- Finish reading book number three. 
- ACTUALLY DO SOME BLOODY EXERCISE. Yes, I said this last month. Yes, it's now two months until my holiday. Yes, it's Sunday night and there's a butterscotch yum yum in the kitchen that's calling my name. Yes, I'm tempted to eat it because 'I'll start on Monday'. (and yes, I will tooootally kick myself for this in two months time!) 
- Use my paper diary more. I rely on iCal, but I enjoy writing it down, pen to paper. 
- Read the gigantic stack of magazines sitting in my room.
- Moisturise after showering and do my proper skincare routine more often. 
- Plan my days better to help my productivity. I tend to leave things until then evening (ehem, like right now) and then panic when I can't get it done. It also means I go to bed with the worst mind traffic. It's got to stop! 

What are your 'to-do's' for April?

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